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# (find-angg ".zshrc" "autopasswd")
# (find-fline "~/" ".passwds.tcl")
# (find-fline "~/.passwds.tcl")
# (find-angg    ".passwds.tcl-")
# (find-sh0 "cd; cp -iv .passwds.tcl- .passwds.tcl; chmod 600 .passwds.tcl")
# (find-sh0 "rm -v ~/.passwds.tcl ~/.passwds.tcl~")

set passwd(puc)     xxx
set passwd(twu)     xxx
set passwd(bitlbee) xxx
set passwd(fm)      xxx
set passwd(inx)     xxx
set passwd(lj)      xxx

proc passwdfilter {} {
  global passwd
  set str [read stdin]
  while {[regexp {^(.*?)\$passwd\(([a-z]+)\)(.*)$} $str -> beg site str]} {
    puts -nonewline $beg$passwd($site)
  puts -nonewline $str

* (eepitch-tclsh)
* (eepitch-kill)
* (eepitch-tclsh)
source .passwds.tcl-

echo $passwd(inx)
echo $passwd(foo)

concat ""

# Local Variables:
# mode: tcl
# End: