Warning: this is an htmlized version!
The original is here, and
the conversion rules are here.
# This file: (find-angg "2019.2-C2/Makefile")
# Based on:  (find-angg "bin/djvuize")
# (find-angg "2017.1-GA/Makefile")
# (find-angg "SCANS/Makefile")
# (find-node "(make)Text Functions")
# (find-node "(make)Automatic Variables")
# (find-node "(make)Automatic Variables" "$@" "target of the rule")
# (find-node "(make)Automatic Variables" "$*" "stem")

THIS  = 2019.2-C2
PNGS  = $(patsubst %.jpg,%.png,$(wildcard *.jpg))
DJVUS = $(patsubst %.png,%.djvu,$(wildcard *.png))

# (find-angg "bin/whiteboard")
# (find-es "gimp" "whiteboard")
	echo $(PNGS)
pngs: $(PNGS)
%.png: %.jpg
	whiteboard $< $@

%.pgm: %.png
	convert $< $@
%.pbm: %.pgm
	mkbitmap -x -f 50 -t 0.4 $< -o $@
%.djvu: %.pbm
	cjb2 -lossy $< $@

	echo $(DJVUS)
djvus: $(DJVUS)

djvu: $(THIS).djvu
$(THIS).djvu: $(DJVUS)
	# djvm -create $(THIS).djvu $(DJVUS)
	# echo djvm -create $(THIS).djvu 2019????_C2?.djvu
	# djvm      -create $(THIS).djvu 2019????_C2?.djvu
	echo djvm -create $(THIS).djvu 2019????_C2???_?.djvu
	djvm      -create $(THIS).djvu 2019????_C2???_?.djvu

2019.2-C2-peq.djvu: $(DJVUS)
	echo djvm -create $@ 2019????_C2peq_?.djvu
	djvm      -create $@ 2019????_C2peq_?.djvu
2019.2-C2-gde.djvu: $(DJVUS)
	echo djvm -create $@ 2019????_C2gde_?.djvu
	djvm      -create $@ 2019????_C2gde_?.djvu

pdf: $(THIS).pdf
peq.pdf: 2019.2-C2-peq.pdf
gde.pdf: 2019.2-C2-gde.pdf

pdfs: pdf peq.pdf gde.pdf

%.pdf: %.djvu
	ddjvu -format=pdf $< $@