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Once it was said

"kept semen is venom"

I say

kept love is venom.


I'm dripping love.

Not semen.

I want to share, and the kind of sharing I want, I only knew when I was with girls

Or with a lost friend


Sadly, the love I gave to him turned into venom

He fed it back to me


I'm suffering from an amputation


It must be a crime, not to give away love

when one has it

And the punishment is to choke on it


I want to give it away!

Seems like everyone around resents it

They don't want it, not from me

Not even when I give it for free


Sad thing. How peple are different from me. I starve for a kind look, even for seeing love that is meant for someone else, not me, in a girl's look. Does me good.


Gives me hope. Hope of living in a world where love is possible.


But I just see sex desire instead.


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