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# peek-luadecls-1.txt
# This is part of peek.lua, that is part of the DaVinci project.
# See: <http://angg.twu.net/davinci.html>
#      <http://angg.twu.net/peek.html>
# Author: Eduardo Ochs <eduardoochs@gmail.com>
# Version: 2007aug05

# This is the output of
#   (find-lua51sh "cd src/; gcc -E -x c lstate.h")
#   (find-lua51sh "cd src/; gcc -E -x c lstate.h | grep -v '^#'")
# after some minimal hand-tuning - empty lines and declarations of
# functions were removed.
#   (find-lua51file "src/")
#   (find-lua51file "src/lua.h")
#   (find-lua51file "src/llimits.h")
#   (find-lua51file "src/lobject.h")
#   (find-lua51file "src/ltm.h")
#   (find-lua51file "src/lzio.h")
#   (find-lua51file "src/lstate.h")
#   (find-lua51sh "cd src/; ls *.h")

typedef int ptrdiff_t;
typedef unsigned int size_t;
typedef int wchar_t;

union luai_Cast { double l_d; long l_l; };
typedef struct lua_State lua_State;
typedef int (*lua_CFunction) (lua_State *L);
typedef const char * (*lua_Reader) (lua_State *L, void *ud, size_t *sz);
typedef int (*lua_Writer) (lua_State *L, const void* p, size_t sz, void* ud);
typedef void * (*lua_Alloc) (void *ud, void *ptr, size_t osize, size_t nsize);
typedef double lua_Number;
typedef ptrdiff_t lua_Integer;
typedef struct lua_Debug lua_Debug;
typedef void (*lua_Hook) (lua_State *L, lua_Debug *ar);
struct lua_Debug {
  int event;
  const char *name;
  const char *namewhat;
  const char *what;
  const char *source;
  int currentline;
  int nups;
  int linedefined;
  int lastlinedefined;
  char short_src[60];
  int i_ci;
typedef unsigned int lu_int32;
typedef size_t lu_mem;
typedef ptrdiff_t l_mem;
typedef unsigned char lu_byte;
typedef union { double u; void *s; long l; } L_Umaxalign;
typedef double l_uacNumber;
typedef lu_int32 Instruction;
typedef union GCObject GCObject;
typedef struct GCheader {
  GCObject *next; lu_byte tt; lu_byte marked;
} GCheader;
typedef union {
  GCObject *gc;
  void *p;
  lua_Number n;
  int b;
} Value;
typedef struct lua_TValue {
  Value value; int tt;
} TValue;
typedef TValue *StkId;
typedef union TString {
  L_Umaxalign dummy;
  struct {
    GCObject *next; lu_byte tt; lu_byte marked;
    lu_byte reserved;
    unsigned int hash;
    size_t len;
  } tsv;
} TString;
typedef union Udata {
  L_Umaxalign dummy;
  struct {
    GCObject *next; lu_byte tt; lu_byte marked;
    struct Table *metatable;
    struct Table *env;
    size_t len;
  } uv;
} Udata;
typedef struct Proto {
  GCObject *next; lu_byte tt; lu_byte marked;
  TValue *k;
  Instruction *code;
  struct Proto **p;
  int *lineinfo;
  struct LocVar *locvars;
  TString **upvalues;
  TString *source;
  int sizeupvalues;
  int sizek;
  int sizecode;
  int sizelineinfo;
  int sizep;
  int sizelocvars;
  int linedefined;
  int lastlinedefined;
  GCObject *gclist;
  lu_byte nups;
  lu_byte numparams;
  lu_byte is_vararg;
  lu_byte maxstacksize;
} Proto;
typedef struct LocVar {
  TString *varname;
  int startpc;
  int endpc;
} LocVar;
typedef struct UpVal {
  GCObject *next; lu_byte tt; lu_byte marked;
  TValue *v;
  union {
    TValue value;
    struct {
      struct UpVal *prev;
      struct UpVal *next;
    } l;
  } u;
} UpVal;
typedef struct CClosure {
  GCObject *next; lu_byte tt; lu_byte marked; lu_byte isC; lu_byte nupvalues; GCObject *gclist; struct Table *env;
  lua_CFunction f;
  TValue upvalue[1];
} CClosure;
typedef struct LClosure {
  GCObject *next; lu_byte tt; lu_byte marked; lu_byte isC; lu_byte nupvalues; GCObject *gclist; struct Table *env;
  struct Proto *p;
  UpVal *upvals[1];
} LClosure;
typedef union Closure {
  CClosure c;
  LClosure l;
} Closure;
typedef union TKey {
  struct {
    Value value; int tt;
    struct Node *next;
  } nk;
  TValue tvk;
} TKey;
typedef struct Node {
  TValue i_val;
  TKey i_key;
} Node;
typedef struct Table {
  GCObject *next; lu_byte tt; lu_byte marked;
  lu_byte flags;
  lu_byte lsizenode;
  struct Table *metatable;
  TValue *array;
  Node *node;
  Node *lastfree;
  GCObject *gclist;
  int sizearray;
} Table;

typedef enum {
} TMS;
typedef struct Zio ZIO;
typedef struct Mbuffer {
  char *buffer;
  size_t n;
  size_t buffsize;
} Mbuffer;
struct Zio {
  size_t n;
  const char *p;
  lua_Reader reader;
  void* data;
  lua_State *L;
struct lua_longjmp;
typedef struct stringtable {
  GCObject **hash;
  lu_int32 nuse;
  int size;
} stringtable;
typedef struct CallInfo {
  StkId base;
  StkId func;
  StkId top;
  const Instruction *savedpc;
  int nresults;
  int tailcalls;
} CallInfo;
typedef struct global_State {
  stringtable strt;
  lua_Alloc frealloc;
  void *ud;
  lu_byte currentwhite;
  lu_byte gcstate;
  int sweepstrgc;
  GCObject *rootgc;
  GCObject **sweepgc;
  GCObject *gray;
  GCObject *grayagain;
  GCObject *weak;
  GCObject *tmudata;
  Mbuffer buff;
  lu_mem GCthreshold;
  lu_mem totalbytes;
  lu_mem estimate;
  lu_mem gcdept;
  int gcpause;
  int gcstepmul;
  lua_CFunction panic;
  TValue l_registry;
  struct lua_State *mainthread;
  UpVal uvhead;
  struct Table *mt[(8 +1)];
  TString *tmname[TM_N];
} global_State;
struct lua_State {
  GCObject *next; lu_byte tt; lu_byte marked;
  lu_byte status;
  StkId top;
  StkId base;
  global_State *l_G;
  CallInfo *ci;
  const Instruction *savedpc;
  StkId stack_last;
  StkId stack;
  CallInfo *end_ci;
  CallInfo *base_ci;
  int stacksize;
  int size_ci;
  unsigned short nCcalls;
  lu_byte hookmask;
  lu_byte allowhook;
  int basehookcount;
  int hookcount;
  lua_Hook hook;
  TValue l_gt;
  TValue env;
  GCObject *openupval;
  GCObject *gclist;
  struct lua_longjmp *errorJmp;
  ptrdiff_t errfunc;
union GCObject {
  GCheader gch;
  union TString ts;
  union Udata u;
  union Closure cl;
  struct Table h;
  struct Proto p;
  struct UpVal uv;
  struct lua_State th;