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#!/usr/bin/expect --
# A wrapper around scp that knows how to answer password prompts
# 2004apr01

# (find-angg ".passwds.tcl")
source $env(HOME)/.passwds.tcl

proc hostunknownprompt {} {
  return "Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)?"
proc passwdprompt {whoatwhere} { return "$whoatwhere\047s password:" }
proc sendpasswd {key} { global passwd; send "$passwd($key)\n" }

# (find-expcommand "interact" "-nobuffer")
# (find-expcommand "interact" "The -o flag")

eval spawn scp $argv
interact -o \
  -nobuffer [passwdprompt edrx@sucuri.mat.puc-rio.br] {sendpasswd puc} \
  -nobuffer [passwdprompt edrx@angg.twu.net]          {sendpasswd twu} \
  -nobuffer [passwdprompt edrx@parati]                {sendpasswd parati}

# -nobuffer "[hostunknownprompt]"                       {send "yes\n"}

# A test:
# (eev "cd /tmp/; Scp edrx@sucuri.mat.puc-rio.br:o .")