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exec autopasswd ssh -C -l edrx sucuri.mat.puc-rio.br

# The rest is ignored

#!/usr/bin/expect --
source $env(HOME)/.passwds.tcl
set timeout -1
spawn ssh -C -l edrx sucuri.mat.puc-rio.br
expect "sword: " {
  log_user 0
  send $passwd(puc)\r
  expect \n
  expect \r
  log_user 1
} "passphrase for RSA key 'root@angg':" {
  send "FooBarFoo\r"
} "Last login:" {
  # send_user "Last login:"
interact {
  -o "\033\[H\033\[JConnection to sucuri.mat.puc-rio.br closed." {}
     eof {return}