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#!/usr/bin/expect --
# (find-es "expect" "input-from-fifo")
# (find-expcommand "spawn")
# (find-expcommand "interact")
# (find-expcommand "stty")
# Edrx, 2004sep06

if {$argc<2} {
  puts "Usage: $argv0 fifoname progname \[arg \[arg ...\]\]"
  exit 1

set FIFO [lindex $argv 0]
set PROG [lindex $argv 1]
set ARGS [lrange $argv 2 end]
spawn -noecho sh -c "while \[ -r $FIFO \]; do cat $FIFO; done"
stty raw < $spawn_out(slave,name)
set readfifo_spawn_id $spawn_id
eval spawn -noecho [list $PROG] $ARGS
interact {
  -input     $user_spawn_id  -output      $spawn_id
  -input $readfifo_spawn_id  -output      $spawn_id
  -input          $spawn_id  -output $user_spawn_id

exit 0

# Example:
rm -Rv /tmp/myfifos/
mkdir  /tmp/myfifos/
(cd    /tmp/myfifos/
 mkfifo fifo1
 sleep 2; echo "pwd" > fifo1
 sleep 2; echo "echo bar" > fifo1
) &

readfifo /tmp/myfifos/fifo1 bash