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and the conversion rules are here.
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(Oops, the deadline was extended!:)

cd ~/FISL/
rm eev.aux
latex eev.tex && latex eev.tex
rexdvi eev.dvi &

# (find-sh "pngcrush -h")
# (find-sh "pngcrush -h" "convert color to grayscale")
# (find-sh "pngcrush -h" "delete an unwanted alpha channel")
# (find-sh "pngcrush -h" "0 means try all of 1-10")
# (find-man "convert")

cd ~/FISL/
pngcrush -c 0 -m 0 ss-f9.png ss-f9-crush.png;   laf ss-f9*
convert ss-f9-crush.png ss-f9.eps;              laf ss-f9*

pngcrush -c 0 -m 0 ss-lua.png ss-lua-crush.png; laf ss-lua*
convert ss-lua-crush.png ss-lua.eps;            laf ss-lua*

pngcrush -c 0 -m 0 ss-m-h.png ss-m-h-crush.png; laf ss-m-h*
convert ss-m-h-crush.png ss-m-h.eps;            laf ss-m-h*

cd ~/FISL/
dvips  -o eev.ps   eev.dvi
dvired -o eev.2.ps eev.dvi
gzip -9f eev.ps
gzip -9f eev.2.ps
dvipdf    eev.dvi  eev.pdf
Scp eev.ps.gz eev.2.ps.gz eev.pdf edrx@angg.twu.net:slow_html/FISL/

cd ~/FISL/
dvipdf eev.dvi eev.pdf

cd ~/FISL/
Scp sbc2003.sty                     edrx@angg.twu.net:slow_html/FISL/
Scp ss-f9.png ss-lua.png ss-m-h.png edrx@angg.twu.net:slow_html/FISL/

* (eebgTWU)
cd        ~/slow_html/FISL/
cp -v * ~/public_html/FISL/
cd      ~/public_html/FISL/
LC_COLLATE=C lstoindexhtml_lua_maybe FISL

# http://www.mat.puc-rio.br/~edrx/FISL/eev.ps.gz
# http://www.mat.puc-rio.br/~edrx/FISL/eev.2.ps.gz

# http://angg.twu.net/FISL/eev.ps.gz
# http://angg.twu.net/FISL/eev.2.ps.gz