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% (find-angg "LATEX/2017-music-paper.tex")
% (defun c () (interactive) (find-LATEXsh "lualatex -record 2017-music-paper.tex"))
% (defun d () (interactive) (find-xpdfpage "~/LATEX/2017-music-paper.pdf"))
% (defun b () (interactive) (find-zsh "bibtex 2017-music-paper; makeindex 2017-music-paper"))
% (defun e () (interactive) (find-LATEX "2017-music-paper.tex"))
% (defun u () (interactive) (find-latex-upload-links "2017-music-paper"))
% (find-xpdfpage "~/LATEX/2017-music-paper.pdf")
% (find-sh0 "cp -v  ~/LATEX/2017-music-paper.pdf /tmp/")
% (find-sh0 "cp -v  ~/LATEX/2017-music-paper.pdf /tmp/pen/")
%   file:///home/edrx/LATEX/2017-music-paper.pdf
%               file:///tmp/2017-music-paper.pdf
%           file:///tmp/pen/2017-music-paper.pdf
% http://angg.twu.net/LATEX/2017-music-paper.pdf
\usepackage[colorlinks]{hyperref} % (find-es "tex" "hyperref")
\usepackage{color}                % (find-LATEX "edrx15.sty" "colors")
\usepackage{colorweb}             % (find-es "tex" "colorweb")
% (find-dn6 "preamble6.lua" "preamble0")
%\usepackage{proof}   % For derivation trees ("%:" lines)
%\input diagxy        % For 2D diagrams ("%D" lines)
%\xyoption{curve}     % For the ".curve=" feature in 2D diagrams
\usepackage{edrx15}               % (find-angg "LATEX/edrx15.sty")
\input edrxaccents.tex            % (find-angg "LATEX/edrxaccents.tex")
\input edrxchars.tex              % (find-LATEX "edrxchars.tex")
\input edrxheadfoot.tex           % (find-dn4ex "edrxheadfoot.tex")
\input edrxgac2.tex               % (find-LATEX "edrxgac2.tex")
            %textwidth=4in,  paperwidth=4.5in,
            %textheight=5in, paperheight=4.5in,
            top=1in, left=1in%, includefoot

\directlua{dednat6dir = "dednat6/"}

\directlua{dofile "edrxtikz.lua"} % (find-LATEX "edrxtikz.lua")
\directlua{dofile "edrxpict.lua"} % (find-LATEX "edrxpict.lua")
%L V.__tostring = function (v) return format("(%.3f,%.3f)", v[1], v[2]) end
%L V.__tostring = function (v) return "("..myntos(v[1])..","..myntos(v[2])..")" end

  \noindent\hbox to \textwidth{\hss

% (find-es "tex" "thispagestyle")

% (find-dn6 "picture.lua" "LPicture")
% (find-dn6 "picture.lua" "LPicture" "addlineorvector")
% (find-dn6 "picture.lua" "LPicture-tests")

%L LPicture.__index.addLine = function (lp, src, tgt)
%L     lp:addpoint(src)
%L     lp:addpoint(tgt)
%L     local Line = "  \\Line"..tostring(src)..tostring(tgt)
%L     lp.latex = lp.latex..Line.."\n"
%L     return lp
%L   end
%L LPicture.__index.setthickness = function (lp, thickness)
%L     lp.latex = lp.latex.."  \\linethickness{"..thickness.."}\n"
%L     return lp
%L   end
%L LPicture.__index.drawstaff = function (lp, x0, x1, y0, dy)
%L     for i=0,4 do
%L       local y = y0+i*dy
%L       lp:addLine(v(x0, y), v(x1, y))
%L     end
%L     return lp
%L   end
%L -- 2017nov28: A TNT reduziu a impressão e o que devia ser 20mm foi
%L -- impresso como 16.5mm. Vou tentar fazer uma gambiarra e usar
%L -- "scale=1.2mm" pra obter unidades de 1mm de verdade.
%L -- lp = LPicture.new {def="foo", scale="1mm"}
%L lp = LPicture.new {def="foo", scale="1.2mm"}
%L lp:setthickness("0.1mm")
%L for y=0,180,18 do lp:drawstaff(0, 150, y, 1.4) end
%L lp:output()

% (/ 20 16.5)
% (/ 16.5 20)



% Local Variables:
% coding: utf-8-unix
% End: