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\long\def\FROM#1#2{\newpage{De: {\bf #2} \par (Neil Gaiman) \bsk}}


\FROM {From} {Thermidor}

\who{J:} {Monsieur Robespierre...}

\more    {Even now it is not too late.}

\more    {You can let me go. I will take what I came for and leave France, and
         never bother you again.}
\who{J:} {Remember this: that I offered you one last chance to let the matter die.}
\who{R:} {Mademoiselle, your attempts to threaten me are laughable, and pathetic.}
\who{J:} {Very well, Citizen. This is the head of Orpheus. Ripped from his}
\more    {living body by the Bacchante. They used their bare hands.}
\more    {The Women of the Frenzy...}
\who{J:} {They threw his head into the Hebrus, and it is said that it still
         called the name of his lost one as it floated down to the sea.}
\more    {This is the head of Orpheus, who bested death, and who now cannot die.}
\who{R:} {Do you take us for peasants, Johanna?}
\more    {The myths are dead. The gods are dead. The ghosts and ghouls and
         phantoms are dead.}
\more    {There is only the State, and the People.}
\who{J:} {No, Monsieur Robespierre.}
\more    {There is much more than that.}
\who{R:} {Enough of this nonsense.}
\more    {Henri -- bring me that head.}
\who{J:} {(covering her ears:)}
\more    {Now. Messire Orpheus.}
\more    {Sing to them.}
\who{J:} {\it (as if narrated afterwards - written in a page of a diary)}
\more    {My ears were covered, but I could not entirely obliterate the sound
         the head made, as its began its song. Although I possess a Modicum
         of Greek, the most part of the words it used were unfamiliar to me.}
\more    {Still, by what Means or Mechanism I cannot say, I found myself
         deriving some Measure of Sense from its chanting. The head sang
         first of Blood, of the baying, senseless cries of the Mob; of the
         Anger of Women and Men; of the Worm that devours its own Flesh.}
\who{J:} {{\it (again, as in a page of diary, not in a balloon)}}
\more    {Then it sang of Freedom, of Liberty of Love. And as it sang, I
         gasped in dumbfoundment, for other voices were also raised in
         jagged Unison. Discordant Voices, Harsh Voices, the Voices of the
         Dead; and my friend (for so I now bethought him) no longer sang
\who{J:} {\it (again, as in a page of diary, not in a balloon)}
\more    {The Ghastly Chorus sang of those who lead; of those who, by Virtue
         or Circumstance, are Raised above the Crowd; who manipulate the
         commonality will-they or nil-they, as a Puppet-master tugs on the
         Strings of a Marionette, or a Romany Traveller pulls the leash of
         his Dancing Bear. It sang of a dream -- and of the Ending of the
\who{J:} {\it (again, as in a page of diary, not in a balloon)}
\more    {I am not able to conceive what it must have been like to hear that
         song unprotected. M.\ St.-J\_\_\_ and M.\ R\_\_\_, and their Manservant,
         stood and listened like Statues, like Men Entranced.}
\who{J:} {\it (again, as in a page of diary, not in a balloon)}
\more    {After what seemed an Age, the Song ceased; and still they stood
\who{J:} {\it (again, as in a page of diary, not in a balloon)}
\more    {And taking what I had come for, I left that Place.}
\who{J:} {\it (balloon; knocking down a guard with a punch on the back of the
\more    {My apologies, sir.}
\more   {[Johanna Constantine left Paris shortly after dawn on that day, 8th
         Thermidor, Year II.]}
\more   {[On the 9th Thermidor, Louis-Antoine St.-Just, the great orator,
         faltered during his speech before the commonal convention, and fell
\more   {[Maximilien Robespierre, the most powerful man in France, then
         attempted to speak. Until that point he had been listened to with
         awe, or fear, or silence.]}
\more   {[Now, for the first time, he found himself laughed at, and, also for
         the first time, he was lost for words.]}
\more   {[That night he and his faction were deposed and arrested, and during
         the arrest Robespierre was shot in the jaw. Or perhaps he fumbled a
         suicide attempt. The truth here is a matter of conjecture.]}
\more   {[It is, however, a matter or record that the next day, his shattered
         jaw bound by a paper bandage, he watched St.-Just step up,
         silently, to the guillotine.]}
\more   {[And it is also a matter of record that, in the end, Monsieur
         Sanson, the executioner, ripped off the paper bandage that held his
         jaw together.]}
\more   {[And that Robespierre's final wordless scream of pain was cut off,
         with his head, by the fall of the weighted blade.]}
\more   {[The Terror died with him.]}

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