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% My bibliography for philosophical aspects of skeletons of proofs
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  Bierman/dePaiva: S4
  Reyes/Zolfaghari: Topos-theoretic approaches to modality
  Alex Simpson?
  Elephant / geometrical morphisms

  Cheng: Mathematics, Morally
  Corfield: [Towards a Philosophy of Real Mathematics]
  Joyal/Street: On the Geometry of Tensor Calculus
  Mateja Hamnik: http://www.cl.cam.ac.uk/~mj201/research/book/index.html

  Kelly/Lack: On Property-Like Structures
  Wadler: The Girard/Reynods iso
  Wadler: Theorems for Free
  Dosen: Coherence
  Seely: Differential Cats (???)
  Barr: *-Autonomous Cats (????)

  Pitts: Polymorphism is Set-Theoretic, constructively
  Reynolds: Polymorphism is not Set-Theoretic
  Seely: Categorical Semantics for Higher Order Polymorphic Lambda Calculus

Lawvere (easy book): external/internal view
Lawvere: hyperdoctrines ("healthy start")

Freyd: Algebraic categories

Jacobs: Tijolão
Jacobs: Comprehension Cats

Kock: A simple axiomatics for differentiation
MacLane: CWM