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  -*- coding: raw-text -*-
  (setq last-kbd-macro (kbd ". M-\\ DEL <down>"))

 Operand stack manipulation operators
           any   pop     -                            discard top element
     any1 any2   exch    any2 any1                    exchange top two elements
           any   dup     any any                      duplicate top element
any1..anyn n     copy    any1..anyn any1..anyn        duplicate top n elements
anyn..any0 n     index   anyn..any0 anyn              duplicate arbitrary element
a(n-1)..a0 n j   roll    a(j-1%n)..a0 a(n-1)..a(j%n)  roll n elements up j times
    any1..anyn   clear                                discard all elements
    any1..anyn   count   any1..anyn n                 count elements on stack
             -   mark    mark                         push mark on stack
mark obj1..objn  cleartomark    -                     discard elements down through mark
mark obj1..objn  counttomark    mark obj1..objn n     count elements down to mark

 Arithmetic and math operators
   num1 num2      add      sum              num1 plus num2
   num1 num2      div      quotient         num1 divided by num2
   int1 int2      idiv     quotient         integer divide
   int1 int2      mod      remainder        int1 mod int2
   num1 num2      mul      product          num1 times num2
   num1 num2      sub      difference       num1 minus num2
        num1      abs      num2             absolute value of num1
        num1      neg      num2             negative of num1
        num1      ceiling  num2             ceiling of num1
        num1      floor    num2             floor of num1
        num1      round    num2             round num1 to nearest integer
        num1      truncate num2             remove fractional part of num1
          num     sqrt     real             square root of num
     num den      atan     angle            arctangent of num/den in degrees

        angle      cos    real              cosine of angle (degrees)
           angle   sin    real              sine of angle (degrees)
   base exponent   exp    real              raise base to exponent power
            num    ln     real              natural logarithm (base e)
            num    log     real             logarithm (base 10)
              -    rand    int              generate pseudo-random integer
            int    srand     -              set random number seed
             -     rrand   int              return random number seed

             Array operators
                   int   array       array         create array of length int
                    -    [           mark          start array construction
   mark obj0..obj(n-1)   ]           array         end array construction
                 array   length      int           number of elements in array
           array index   get         any           get array element indexed by index
       array index any   put         -             put any into array at index
     array index count   getinterval subarray      subarray of array starting at index for count
   array1 index array2   putinterval -             replace subarray of array1 starting at index
                                                   by array2
                 array   aload   a0..a(n-1) array  push all elements of array on stack
  any0..any(n-1) array   astore      array         pop elements from stack into array
         array1 array2   copy        subarray2     copy elements of array1 to initial subarray of
            array proc   forall      -             execute proc for each element of array

             Dictionary operators
            int   dict        dict      create dictionary with capacity for int ele-
           dict   length int            number of key-value pairs in dict
           dict   maxlength   int       capacity of dict
           dict   begin       -         push dict on dict stack
              -   end         -         pop dict stack
      key value   def         -         associate key and value in current dict
            key   load        value     search dict stack for key and return associ-
                                        ated value
      key value   store       -         replace topmost definition of key
       dict key   get         any       get value associated with key in dict
 dict key value   put         -         associate key with value in dict
       dict key   known       bool      test whether key is in dict
            key   where       dict true
                              or false  find dict in which key is defined
    dict1 dict2   copy        dict2     copy contents of dict1 to dict2
      dict proc   forall      -         execute proc for each element of dict
              -   errordict   dict      push errordict on operand stack
              -   systemdict  dict      push systemdict on operand stack
              -   userdict    dict      push userdict on operand stack

              -   currentdict dict      push current dict on operand stack
              -   countdictstack int    count elements on dict stack
          array   dictstack   subarray  copy dict stack into array

       String operators
                  int   string       string               create string of length int
               string   length       int                  number of elements in string
         string index   get          int                  get string element indexed by index
     string index int   put          -                    put int into string at index
   string index count   getinterval  substring            substring of string starting at index for count
string1 index string2   putinterval  -                    replace substring of string1 starting at index
                                                          by string2
      string1 string2   copy         substring2           copy elements of string1 to initial substring
                                                          of string2
          string proc   forall       -                    execute proc for each element of string
          string seek   anchorsearch post match true
                                     or string false      determine if seek is initial substring of string
          string seek   search       post match pre true
                                     or string false      search for seek in string
               string   token        post token true
                                     or false             read token from start of string

       Relational, boolean, and bitwise operators
            any1 any2   eq       bool          test equal
            any1 any2   ne       bool          test not equal
  num1|str1 num2|str2   ge       bool          test greater or equal
  num1|str1 num2|str2   gt       bool          test greater than
  num1|str1 num2|str2   le       bool          test less or equal
  num1|str1 num2|str2   lt       bool          test less than
bool1|int1 bool2|int2   and      bool3|int3    logical | bitwise and
           bool1|int1   not      bool2|int2    logical | bitwise not
bool1|int1 bool2|int2   or       bool3|int3    logical | bitwise inclusive or
bool1|int1 bool2|int2   xor      bool3|int3    logical | bitwise exclusive or
                    -   true     true          push boolean value true
                    -   false    false         push boolean value false
            int1 shift  bitshift int2          bitwise shift of int1 (positive is left)

       Control operators
                 any   exec           -        execute arbitrary object
           bool proc   if             -        execute proc if bool is true
    bool proc1 proc2   ifelse         -        execute proc1 if bool is true, proc2 if bool is
init incr limit proc   for            -        execute proc with values from init by steps
                                               of incr to limit
            int proc   repeat         -        execute proc int times
                proc   loop           -        execute proc an indefinite number of times
                   -   exit           -        exit innermost active loop
                   -   stop           -        terminate stopped context
                 any   stopped        bool     establish context for catching stop
                   -   countexecstack int      count elements on exec stack
               array   execstack      subarray copy exec stack into array
                   -   quit  -                 terminate interpreter
                   -   start -                 executed at interpreter startup

       Type, attribute, and conversion operators
                    any    type        name                     return name identifying any's type
                    any    cvlit       any                      make object be literal
                    any    cvx         any                      make object be executable
                    any    xcheck      bool                     test executable attribute
      array|file|string    executeonly array|file|string        reduce access to execute-only
 array|dict|file|string    noaccess    array|dict|file|string   disallow any access
 array|dict|file|string    readonly    array|dict|file|string   reduce access to read-only
 array|dict|file|string    rcheck      bool                     test read access
 array|dict|file|string    wcheck      bool                     test write access
             num|string    cvi         int                      convert to integer
                 string    cvn         name                     convert to name
             num|string    cvr         real                     convert to real
       num radix string    cvrs        substring                convert to string with radix
             any string    cvs         substring                convert to string

              File operators
  string1 string2   file             file              open file identified by string1 with access
             file   closefile        -                 close file
             file   read             int true
                                     or false          read one character from file
         file int   write            -                 write one character to file
     file string    readhexstring    substring bool    read hex from file into string
     file string    writehexstring   -                 write string to file as hex
     file string    readstring       substring bool    read string from file
     file string    writestring      -                 write characters of string to file
     file string    readline         substring bool    read line from file into string
            file    token            token true
                                     or false          read token from file
            file    bytesavailable   int               number of bytes available to read
               -    flush            -                 send buffered data to standard output file
            file    flushfile        -                 send buffered data or read to EOF
            file    resetfile        -                 discard buffered characters
            file    status           bool              return status of file
          string    run              -                 execute contents of named file
               -    currentfile      file              return file currently being executed
          string    print            -                 write characters of string to standard output
             any    =                -                 write text representation of any to standard
                                                       output file
    any1 .. anyn    stack            any1 .. anyn      print stack nondestructively using =
             any    ==               -                 write syntactic representation of any to
                                                       standard output file
    any1 .. anyn    pstack           any1 .. anyn      print stack nondestructively using ==
               -    prompt           -                 executed when ready for interactive input
            bool    echo             -                 turn on/off echoing

Virtual memory operators
             -     save      save                 create VM snapshot
          save     restore   -                    restore VM snapshot
             -     vmstatus  level used maximum   report VM status

Miscellaneous operators
           proc    bind     proc                  replace operator names in proc by
              -    null     null                  push null on operand stack
              -    usertime int                   return time in milliseconds
              -    version  string                interpreter version

Graphics state operators
              -   gsave             -              save graphics state
              -   grestore          -              restore graphics state
              -   grestoreall       -              restore to bottommost graphics state
              -   initgraphics      -              reset graphics state parameters
            num   setlinewidth      -              set line width
              -   currentlinewidth  num            return current line width
            int   setlinecap        -              set shape of line ends for stroke (0=butt,
                                                   1=round, 2=square)
              -   currentlinecap    int            return current line cap
            int   setlinejoin       -              set shape of corners for stroke (0=miter,
                                                   1=round, 2=bevel)
              -   currentlinejoin   int            return current line join
            num   setmiterlimit     -              set miter length limit
              -   currentmiterlimit num            return current miter limit
   array offset   setdash           -              set dash pattern for stroking
              -   currentdash       array offset   return current dash pattern
            num   setflat           -              set flatness tolerance
              -   currentflat num                  return current flatness
            num   setgray           -              set color to gray value from 0 (black) to 1
              -   currentgray       num            return current gray
    hue sat brt   sethsbcolor       -              set color given hue, saturation, brightness
              -   currenthsbcolor   hue sat brt    return current color hue, saturation, brightness
 red green blue   setrgbcolor       -              set color given red, green, blue
              -   currentrgbcolor  red green blue  return current color red, green, blue
freq angle proc   setscreen        -               set halftone screen
              -   currentscreen    freq angle proc return current halftone screen
           proc   settransfer      -               set gray transfer function
              -   currenttransfer  proc            return current transfer function

                Coordinate system and matrix operators
                      -    matrix        matrix       create identity matrix
                      -    initmatrix    -            set CTM to device default
                 matrix    identmatrix   matrix       fill matrix with identity transform
                 matrix    defaultmatrix matrix       fill matrix with device default matrix
                 matrix    currentmatrix matrix       fill matrix with CTM
                 matrix    setmatrix     -            replace CTM by matrix
                  tx ty    translate     -            translate user space by (tx, ty)
           tx ty matrix    translate     matrix       define translation by (tx, ty)
                  sx sy    scale         -            scale user space by sx and sy
           sx sy matrix    scale         matrix       define scaling by sx and sy
                  angle    rotate        -            rotate user space by angle degrees
           angle matrix    rotate        matrix       define rotation by angle degrees
                 matrix    concat        -            replace CTM by matrix × CTM
matrix1 matrix2 matrix3    concatmatrix  matrix3      fill matrix3 with matrix1 × matrix2
                     xy    transform     x' y'        transform (x, y) by CTM
             x y matrix    transform     x' y'        transform (x, y) by matrix
                  dx dy    dtransform    dx' dy'      transform distance (dx, dy) by CTM
           dx dy matrix    dtransform    dx' dy'      transform distance (dx, dy) by matrix
                  x' y'    itransform    x y          inverse transform (x ', y ') by CTM
           x' y' matrix    itransform    x y          inverse transform (x ', y ') by matrix
                dx' dy'    idtransform   dx dy        inverse transform distance (dx ', dy ') by
         dx' dy' matrix    idtransform   dx dy        inverse transform distance (dx ', dy ') by
        matrix1 matrix2     invertmatrix matrix2      fill matrix2 with inverse of matrix1

                Path construction operators
                      -  newpath      -                initialize current path to be empty
                      -  currentpoint xy               return current point coordinate
                     xy  moveto       -                set current point to (x, y)
                  dx dy  rmoveto      -                relative moveto
                     xy  lineto       -                append straight line to (x, y)
                  dx dy  rlineto      -                relative lineto
        x y r ang1 ang2  arc          -                append counterclockwise arc
        x y r ang1 ang2  arcn         -                append clockwise arc
          x1 y1 x2 y2 r  arcto        xt1 yt1 xt2 yt2  append tangent arc
      x1 y1 x2 y2 x3 y3  curveto      -                append Bezier cubic section
dx1 dy1 dx2 dy2 dx3 dy3  rcurveto     -                relative curveto
                      -  closepath    -                connect subpath back to its starting point
                      -  flattenpath  -                convert curves to sequences of straight
                      -  reversepath  -                reverse direction of current path
                      -  strokepath   -                compute outline of stroked path
            string bool  charpath     -                append character outline to current path
                      -  clippath     -                set current path to clipping path
                      -  pathbbox     llx lly urx ury  return bounding box of current path
  move line curve close  pathforall   -                enumerate current path
                      -  initclip     -                set clip path to device default
                      -  clip         -                establish new clipping path
                      -  eoclip       -                clip using even-odd inside rule

                    Painting operators
                                  -    erasepage  -    paint current page white
                                  -    fill       -    fill current path with current color
                                  -    eofill     -    fill using even-odd rule
                                  -    stroke     -    draw line along current path
width height bits/sample matrix proc   image      -    render sampled image onto current page
    width height invert matrix proc    imagemask  -    render mask onto current page

                    Device setup and output operators
                       -  showpage     -        output and reset current page
                       -  copypage     -        output current page
matrix width height proc  banddevice   -        install band buffer device
matrix width height proc  framedevice  -        install frame buffer device
                       -  nulldevice   -        install no-output device
                    proc  renderbands  -        enumerate bands for output to device

                    Character and font operators
              key font    definefont          font                register font as a font dictionary
                   key    findfont            font                   return font dict identified by key
            font scale    scalefont           font'                scale font by scale to produce new font '
           font matrix    makefont            font'                transform font by matrix to produce new
                                                           font '
                  font    setfont             -                       set font dictionary
                     -    currentfont         font          return current font dictionary
                string    show                -                          print characters of string on page
          ax ay string    ashow               -                      add (ax, ay) to width of each char while
                                                           showing string
     cx cy char string    widthshow           -              add (cx, cy) to width of char while showing
x cy char ax ay string    awidthshow          -          combined effects of ashow and widthshow
           proc string    kshow               -                       execute proc between characters shown
                                                           from string
                string    stringwidth         wx wy               width of string in current font
                     -    FontDirectory       dict             dictionary of font dictionaries
                     -    StandardEncoding    array       standard font encoding vector

      Font cache operators
                          -   cachestatus    bsize bmax msize mmax csize cmax blimit
                                                     return cache status and parameters
      wx wy llx lly urx ury   setcachedevice -       declare cached character metrics
                     w x wy   setcharwidth   -       declare uncached character metrics
                        num   setcachelimit  -       set max bytes in cached character

      dictfull                         no more room in dictionary
      dictstackoverflow                too many begins
      dictstackunderflow               too many ends
      execstackoverflow                exec nesting too deep
      handleerror                      called to report error information
      interrupt                        external interrupt request (e.g., control-C)
      invalidaccess                    attempt to violate access attribute
      invalidexit                      exit not in loop
      invalidfileaccess                unacceptable access string
      invalidfont                      invalid font name or dict
      invalidrestore                   improper restore
      ioerror                          input/output error occurred
      limitcheck                       implementation limit exceeded
      nocurrentpoint                   current point is undefined
      rangecheck                       operand out of bounds
      stackoverflow                    operand stack overflow
      stackunderflow                   operand stack underflow
      syntaxerror                      syntax error in POSTSCRIPT program text
      timeout                          time limit exceeded
      typecheck                        operand of wrong type
      undefined                        name not known
      undefinedfilename                file not found
      undefinedresult                  over/underflow or meaningless result
      unmatchedmark                    expected mark not on stack
      unregistered                     internal error
      VMerror                          VM exhausted