Church of Euthanasia

Save the planet - kill yourself!

I'm an unregistered but very enthusiastic member of the Church of Euthanasia ( Actually, I label myself a Garysnyderian Euthanist: see my

The name of the Church and the names of its pillars were chosen a bit for their shock value, but we are serious. We are radically against consumism and against the lack of humor of the "politically correct". Read this interview.

By the way, Rev. Korda's position about saving the world is very close to mine, but she expresses herself much better than I do... Read this other interview with her, conducted by $aint @ndrew, and search for the word "convert".

I would rather have been aborted! If you feel the same, please, step out of the closet too - we need to show the world how numerous we are! The anti-abortionists have extremely biased visions of what is "life", and what is "mercy". They are selling narrow-mindedness, and making people think that life is just survival, nothing more, and that love and peace of mind are of secondary importance. Sort of saying that there is no problem in having a world full of psychos: "as long as they're alive they have the chance to repent".