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[htmlize [Q Angel's Egg - the home page of Eduardo Ochs (a.k.a. Edrx)] [J

[J 2005feb21: I'm starting to rewrite these pages using [AL
  TH/blogme.lua this preprocessor].]

[J In 2004 I tried to convert these pages to emacs-wiki. [A0L
  WebWiki/WelcomePage.html Visit the emacswikified pages].]

[HLIST2 [' An index for the stuff in this page:]
  [HLIST2 [' Saving the world:]
    [HLIST2 [' Free software and free information:]
      [J [L #eev eev] - for automating, teaching, sharing, etc]
      [J [L #Emacs Emacs] - editor and environment]
      [J [L #GNU GNU] - the spinal column of the whole project]
      [J OS kernels: Linux and [L #OSs Hurd]]
      [HLIST2 [J OS distros: Debian]
        [J my (unofficial) Debian packages: [L #lua-deb lua4.0],
          [L #mktclapp mktclapp], debian-devel]
      [L #CLI command-line interfaces]
      [L #free-information other links on free information]
    [L #CoE The Church of Euthanasia]
    [L #p Personal/Misc stuff]
  [L #math Maths and Logic]
  [HLIST2 [J Computer languages:]
    [L #emacs Emacs and Emacs Lisp]
    [J [L #Expect Expect], [L #Tcl Tcl/Tk], and [L #MkTclApp MkTclApp]]
    [J [L #lua Lua] and [L #forth Forth]]
    [L icon.html Icon]

[NAME eev]
[HLIST1 [J Eev and Emacs:]

  [HLIST2 [J [COLOR orange 2005feb21:] added an
      [LR http://angg.twu.net/eev-current/anim/channels.html
        [COLOR purple [BF animation]]] in
      [LR http://gplflash.sourceforge.net/ SWF] format.]
    [J It shows eev being used to send commands to two separate xterms.]
    [J It was produced with [ES vnc these messy scripts].]

  [HLIST2 [J The [COLOR orange current version] of eev:]
      [J The [A0L eev-current/VERSION timestamp] of the last upload.]
      [J Its [AL eev-current/README README] (slowly being replaced by
        TeXinfo docs).]
      [J [L eev-current.tar.gz] and access to the [L eev-current/
        unpacked files.]]
      [J How to [AL eev-current/INSTALL INSTALL]. Requires changing
        some rcfiles, but that can be done automatically and
        uninstalling is very easy.]
      [J Incomplete lists of changes: [AL eev-current/NEWS NEWS] and
        [AL eev-current/ChangeLog ChangeLog].]

  [J [COLOR orange 2004dec31:]
      [A0L eev-0.95.0.tar.gz eev-0.95.0] released.
      File: [A0L eev-current/INSTALL-0.95.0 INSTALL-0.95.0].

  [J [COLOR orange 2004apr02:]
     [A0L eev-0.94.1.tar.gz eev-0.94.1] released.


[HLIST1 [J The eev project, computer tourism, and related topics (about
  making free information easier to use):]

  [J [COLOR orange 2002may17:] eev-0.93 released.]
  [J [LR http://angg.twu.net/eev/eev-0.93.tar.gz]: the package.]
  [HLIST2 [J Some files from it (in htmlized versions):]
    [J Its [AL eev/README README], with a description of the project
      -- especially why I call it "a project to save the world".]
    [J Its [AL eev/INSTALL INSTALL] file.]
    [HLIST2 [J There's a tutorial that describe in detail how to use it:]
      [J [AL eev/e/tutorial.e    e/tutorial.e] - a version in English]
      [J [AL eev/e/tutorial.pt.e e/tutorial.pt.e] - a version in
    [HLIST2 [J and a listing of the main Emacs keys, with working
        links to pages of the Emacs manuals:]
      [AL eev/e/keys.e e/keys.e]

    [J The new [AL eev/INSTALL installation] uses an [AL
      eev/changer.awk Awk script] that I was able to write "in the
      right way": with [AL eev/e/tutorial.e Lisp hyperlinks] to all
      the sections in the GNU Awk manual that you need to read to
      understand it, even if you've never seen Awk before.]


  [J [MYL eev-manifesto.html The original eev manifesto], written in
      december '99.]

  [LR http://www.gnu.org/brave-gnu-world/issue-13.en.html Brave GNU
     World published an article about eev in #13.]

  [J [MYL tourism.html A brief statement about tourism], and [MYL
    README.html practical instructions for visiting my environment].]

  [J [MYL why-users.html Why users should not exist] (work in progress).]

  [ES tcl-cipsga Some e-scripts about the basic concepts of Tcl (in


[NAME math]
[HLIST1 [J Mathematics, Logic and Semantics:]

  [J I'm doing a PhD in Maths at [L http://www.mat.puc-rio.br/
    PUC-Rio] (my advisor is [L http://www.mat.puc-rio.br/~nicolau
    Nicolau Saldanha]), and I'm currently (until 2002aug31) at [L
    http://www.math.mcgill.ca/ McGill University], working with [LR
    http://www.math.mcgill.ca/~rags/ Robert Seely].]

  [HLIST2 [J Theses, slides that I used at presentations, notes in
    different degrees of informality, etc., in reverse chronological

    [HLIST2 [J I gave two presentations with the title "A system of
        natural deduction for categories" in June 2002. I'm in the
        process of appending some notes to the slides to make them

      [J [LR http://www.cms.math.ca/Events/summer02/ CMS Summer 2002
        Meeting], 2002jun17: 20-min talk, 15 slides (version:
        2002jun17). ([LR
        abstract], [LR
        http://www.cms.math.ca/Events/summer02/abs/ct.html abstracts
        of the other CT talks], [LR
        http://www.cms.math.ca/Events/summer02/daily.html daily
        schedule]). [DSRCDVIPS 2002cms]]

      [J [LR
        FMCS 2002], 2002jun08: 45-min talk, 26 slides (version:
        2002jun17). [HREF math.html Abstract]. [DSRCDVIPS 2002fmcs]]


    [J "Seminar notes about formalizing DNC using type systems" -
      messy and obsolete. Version: 2001nov23. [MSRCDVIPS 2001F].]

    [J "A system of natural deduction for categories" - a 3-page
      abstract [SRCDVIPS 2001ndabs] and the slides [SRCDVIPS
      2001ndsl] for the talk. I presented that at the "Natural
      Deduction Rio 2001" meeting (in [LR
      http://www.inf.puc-rio.br/nd/program_i.html July 5, 2001], to be
      more precise).]

    [J 2001c [SRCDVIPS 2001c]: "Set^C is a topos" has a
      syntactical proof. Notes used in a seminar (or sort of) that I
      gave at UNICAMP in 2001Apr25.]

    [J 2001a [SRCDVIPS 2001a]: informal notes about the notation of
      typical points.]

    [J Slides for the talk that I gave at UFF in 2000Feb24 [SRCDVIPS
      2000uff], about doing non-standard analysis with filters and
      about representing skeletons of proofs. In portuguese.]

    [J My master's thesis [SRCDVIPS tesemestr], "Categorias, Filtros
      e Infinitesimais Naturais", and its slides [SRCDVIPS
      slidesmestr]. In Portuguese.]


  [J [LR http://members.tripod.com/PhilipApps/nonstandard.html More
    links about Non-Standard Analysis] and Synthetical Differential
    Geometry (oops, not yet...)]

  [MYL math.html My old math page].

  [MYL logic.html Some old (and mostly broken) links on logic].

  [HLIST2 [J Two programs to help editing and TeXing maths on a computer:]

    [J [MYL vtutil.html vtutil] lets us replace some characters of a
      console font for mathematical symbols,]

    [J [MYL dednat.html dednat.lua] is great for typesetting deduction


[lua: return tablewithimages]

[NAME lua]
[NAME forth]
[HLIST1 [J Lua, Forth and Flua:]

  [LR http://lua-users.org/wiki/EduardoOchs My page on the Lua Wiki]

  [HLIST2 [J The main Lua links:]
    [J [LR http://www.lua.org/], [LR http://lua-users.org/]]
    [J [LR http://lua-users.org/wiki/] - a Wiki about Lua]

  [HLIST2 [J The Forth world has largely split into a pro-ANSForth
      half (which is the bad half, so no links) and an anti-ANSForth
      half, for which [LR http://www.ultratechnology.com/] is a good
      starting point. Other interesting links:]
    [J [LR http://www.thelma-louise.net/] - Peter Appelman's page]
    [LR http://www.stringtuner.com/myron.plichota/steamer1.htm Myron
      Plichota's Forth-based, hobbyist-friendly processors]

  [A0L forth.html My (old) page about Forth.]

  [A0L lua.html My (old) page about Lua.]

  [HLIST2 [J [NAME lua-deb] I have packaged [A0L lua-4.0/README.yada
    Lua-4.0 for Debian]. My patches and add-ons are in [A0L lua-4.0/
    this directory], and there are instructions to compile my package
    for other distros [AL lua-4.0/README.other here]. My package

    [J A [LUANODE Top TeXinfo version] of the [LR
      http://www.lua.org/manual/ Lua reference manual] ([A0L
      lua-4.0/doc/lua.texi here is the .texi]),]

    [HLIST2 [J A non-standard interpreter called [TT dllua] that has:]

      [J [L http://www.dcs.gla.ac.uk/~rrt/ Reuben Thomas'] functions
        for bit operations and regexps,]

      [J the [TT loadlib]/[TT unloadlib]/[TT callfromlib] functions
        from [L http://www.inf.puc-rio.br/~ana/ CGILua]'s loadlib.c,]

      [J an extra API function, [TT dllua_open], that works as
        [LUANODE States [TT lua_open]] but also loads all the standard
        libraries, plus the bitops/regexps/loadlib libraries, into the
        newly-created Lua_State.]



  [HLIST2 [J Other people's Debian packages for Lua:]
    [J [LR http://people.debian.org/~dsilvers/ Daniel Silverstone]
      made a [LR
      package of Lua-4.1alpha that became official]. I find it too
      dry, though.]
    [J [LR http://www.place.org/~nop/lua/ Jay Carlson] made a Debian
      package of Lua4.0 that incorporates my functions for dynamic
      linking and MANY other nice things.]
    [J None of these packages incorporates a TeXinfo version of the
      Lua manual, like mine does.]

  [J People are discussing in the [LR http://www.lua.org/lua-l.html
    mailing list] about creating a common [TT stdlua.lua] file that
    we'd import with a [TT dofile("stdlua.lua")] command... I've
    been using something like that in my programs: [AL LUA/inc.lua
    inc.lua]. Be warned that it is ugly and changes very often.]

  [HLIST2 [J Forth-like languages interpreted on top of Lua:]

    [J An outdated project: [MYL flua.html Flua]. It has access to the
      [LIBCNODE Top standard C library] and to extensions written in C
      and in other languages (see [LR
      http://www.equi4.com/jcw/wiki.cgi jcw]'s project Minotaur). I'm
      planning to use Flua for the computational part of my ideas
      about skeletons of mathematical proofs, and for adding [LR
      http://www.clienux.com/ cLIeNUX]-like extensions to the Hurd.]

    [J A follow-up to Flua: [A0L miniforth/ miniforth], and the bare
      beginnings of a [AL miniforth/TECHREP technical report] on its
      main ideas. It has the same goals as Flua, and it is much more
      modular; the part that generates bytecodes for an inner
      interpreter written in C is [A0L miniforth/crim/ kept separate
      from the rest].]

    [J Note that both Flua and miniforth are far from being really


  [J [MYL dednat.html I rewrote in Lua a program to typeset deduction
    trees]. The original was a [AL LATEX/dednat.icn one-hour hack
    written in Icon], and I don't understand its code anymore.]


[HLIST1 [J Free software (makes the world go 'round):]

  [J The spinal column of the free software world: [LR
     http://www.gnu.org/ www.gnu.org].]

  [J If you are new to the game then go straight to its [LR
     http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/ philosophy section].]

  [J [LR http://www.debian.org/ Debian] ([LR
    http://packages.debian.org/ packages])]

  [J [LR http://www.cipsga.org.br/ CIPSGA] (in Portuguese only.)]

  [J Sorry for the few links in this section, almost everything in the
    rest of this page is related to Free Software in one way or


[HLIST1 [J Other computer things (mostly programs):]

  [HLIST2 [J [NAME Emacs] Emacs:]

    [J [MYL emacs.html Emacs] is a Lisp environment that is excellent
      for editing all sorts of things. When coupled with Expect it can
      be used to edit (? - sorry, I couldn't find a better expression
      for that) our interactions with the system. [A0L index.html#eev

    [J The site of the [LR http://www.dina.dk/~abraham/religion/
      Church of Emacs] has several nice links, curiously; one of the
      best serious ones is this text, [LR
      "Why I became an Emacs user"], by [LR
      http://www.messengers-of-messiah.org/~csebold/emacs/ Charles

    [J My (outdated) [A0L emacs.html Emacs page].]

    [LR http://www.emacswiki.org/]


  [HLIST2 [J [NAME Expect] Expect,
	     [NAME Tcl] Tcl/Tk,
	     [NAME MkTclApp] MkTclApp and friends:]

    [LR http://wiki.tcl.tk/ The Tcler's Wiki]

    [J My pages on [MYL tcltk.html Tcl] and [MYL mktclapp.html

    [J [AL eev/eeg4 eeg4], a script that lets [A0L index.html#eev eev]
      control arbitrary console-based interactive programs.]

    [J I have converted Expect's manpage to TeXinfo format; [A0L
      EXPECT/expect.texi here is the .texi], and [EXPNODE Top here is
      the top node of info document] (thanks to info2www).]

    [HLIST2 [J Expect scripts for relating with modems in Linux:]
      [AL .zshrc.html#ppp-up A shell function to connect to a free ISP]

    [J My e-scripts on [ES expect Expect], [ES tcl Tcl/Tk], and [ES
      mktclapp mktclapp]; and the beginnings of a [ES tcl-cipsga Tcl
      tutorial (in Portuguese) using eev].]


  [HLIST2 [J [NAME OSs] Operating systems and distributions:]
    [LR http://hurd.gnufans.org/ Hurd Wiki at http://hurd.gnufans.org/]
    [LR http://debian.fmi.uni-sofia.bg/~ogi/hurd/links/ Ognyan Kulev's
      Hurd links]
    [MYL debian.html Debian GNU/Linux],
    [J [MYL redhat0.html RedHat] 
       [<][L http://www.gnu.org/gnu/linux-and-gnu.html GNU/][>][MYL
       linux.html Linux]]
    [J [ES bsd FreeBSD, NetBSD]. I have never been able to install

  [J I use [MYL grub.html Grub] to boot all those OSs in the same

  [J My favourite computer language is still [MYL forth.html Forth],
  even though there's no free implentation of it for GNU systems that
  I really like.]

  [J I've been using [MYL lua.html Lua] a lot, and I'm maintaining,
  together with other people, its Debian package.]

  [J [MYL tex.html TeX and LaTeX].]
  [J [MYL icon.html Icon], [MYL tex.html PostScript], [MYL html.html

  [J [MYL haskell.html Haskell and other functional languages].]

  [J I have to use a bit of [MYL perl.html Perl] from time to time,
    but I hate it.]


[HLIST1 [J Command-line interfaces]

  [HLIST2 [J My favorite computer interface is - of course! - GNU
      Emacs with [L #eev eev], plus several shells running zsh in
      other virtual terminals, all that on a Debian GNU/Linux system.
      I use Linux VTs almost all the time, in true 80x50 text mode (no
      framebuffers). My VT tweaks:]

    [J [L vtutil.html vtutil], to change the console font, and to add
      some compose pairs to the keymap. I also use it to take
    [J [AL compose.el] lets me enter strange chars in Emacs.]
    [J [AL eev/glyphs.el glyphs.el] lets me display strange chars in
      Emacs in nice ways.]
    [AL LATEX/edrx.sty.html#activechars A way to make TeX treat these
      strange chars in special ways.]
    [ES console My e-scripts on console things]
  [J A nice (booklet-length) essay about CLIs, geek culture, and the
    different approaches to computers: [LR
    In the Beginning it was the Command Line], by Neal Stephenson.]

[NAME free-information]
[HLIST1 [J More about free information]

  [J [LR http://promo.net/pg/ Project Gutenberg] is taking care of the
    distribution of free literature and a few related things
    (dictionaries, playscripts)... By the way, in Camille Paglia's
    book "Vamps and Tramps" there are some brilliant essays about
    the importance of having access to the classics.]

  [J Classics of the computer age: arcade videogames of the 80's are
    not free, but they [LR http://www.mame.dk/ circulate] as [L
    http://www.salon.com/tech/feature/1999/11/30/lions/ "samizdat"]
    and can be emulated with [LR http://x.mame.net/ MAME]; Zork I, a
    text-only adventure that was my first contact with real English,
    can be [ES games#frotz obtained for free legally and be run in
    an emulator]. I don't know if there are any "standard" places
    for getting Atari ROMs.]

  [J I have some friends that are involved in teaching children of
    poor communities how to read and write. They would like to have
    access to more free dydactical material (here the freedoms to
    change the material and redistribute it are fundamental) and
    papers on Education, but most people involved with those things
    are still offline...]

  [J We need something like a Project Gutenberg for books for children
    (no link yet). If you know authors of children's books please at
    least try to convince them to use the [LR
    http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/fdl.html FDL] for their next books.
    The quality of the digital illustrations will be lower than that
    of printed books (and maybe there would be digital versions with
    outlined illustrations, so that each child could color her
    computer-printed or photocopied version), so it will make sense to
    have a paper edition in parallel with a free online release.]

  [J Several books on Mathematics, Computer Science and Logic are now
    available online for free; see [LR
    http://www.cs.uu.nl/people/franka/ref Frank Atanassow's list] (and
    for papers, [LR http://citeseer.nj.nec.com/cs/ citeseer] and [LR
    http://hpsearch.uni-trier.de/ HPSearch]).]

  [J Mathematics would be much easier if more books were available
    online, or at least if there weren't so many restrictions on
    photocopying them for personal use. In a perfect world they would
    even be available as TeX source so that we could make annotations
    in digital form and give our "annotated copies" to others.]

  [J I have always had the feeling that the "usual" books about
    programs and programming languages (at least from the mid-80's on)
    were trying to kill the few neurones that I still had... well,
    some people have written very lucid things about that: [LR
    http://oreilly.com/news/feuerstein_1000.html Steven Feuerstein],
    [LR http://philip.greenspun.com/wtr/dead-trees/story.html Philip

  [J If you need to typeset sheet music please learn [LR
    http://www.lilypond.org/ Lilypond] so that you may contribute to
    the community... it's quite easy: [AL LILYPOND/minuet1.ly here's
    my first .ly file]. It is full of links and comments.] 


[J I don't use any non-free software except for a few computer games
  from the early 80s and -- very rarely -- MS-DO$ 6.22 to run some
  [MYL forth.html Forth] programs. Oh, and Netscape -- I haven't
  converted to Mozilla yet -- and the ROM BIOS and such things.]

[NAME p]

[HLIST1 Personal/Misc:
  [MYL music.html Some links on music (lyrics, mainly).]
  [MYL other.html#pics Two drawings (for sale).]
  [J [A0L p.txt], [A0L s.txt] Some of the best things I wrote (in
  [J [A0L SSSSS/ Correspondência com o sr. S.] As melhores mensagens
    são a "[A0L SSSSS/140 140]" e a "[A0L SSSSS/170 170]".]
  [J [LR http://www.bbc.co.uk/education/teletubbies/] (and the [LR

  [J [LR http://www.contrib.andrew.cmu.edu/~eclectic/o/thelema/
    Aleister Crowley] ([LR
    http://www.hermetic.com/crowley/mwt_contents.html MWT]) (and [L
    http://members.ozemail.com.au/~realoto/nclr12.html Marcelo

  [J [NAME CoE] I'm an unregistered but very enthusiastic member of
    the [LR http://www.churchofeuthanasia.org/ Church of Euthanasia].
    [IMAGE_R IMAGES/stpkys_vsm_notxt.gif Save the planet - kill
    yourself!] The name of the Church and the names of its pillars
    were chosen a bit for their shock value, but we are serious. We
    are radically against consumism and against the lack of humor of
    the "politically correct". Read [L
    http://www.churchofeuthanasia.org/press/dery.html this interview].
    By the way, Rev. Korda's position about saving the world is very
    close to mine, but she expresses herself much better than I do...
    Read [L http://www.churchofeuthanasia.org/e-sermons/ogyrintv.html
    this interview with her conducted by $aint @ndrew], and search
    for the word "convert". Another good starting point: [LR
    http://www.churchofeuthanasia.org/snuffit4/snuffit4.html Snuff It

  [J BTW: [BF I would rather have been aborted!] If you feel the same,
    please, step out of the closet too - we need to show the world how
    numerous we are! The anti-abortionists have extremely biased
    visions of what is "life", and what is "mercy". They are
    selling narrow-mindedness, and making people think that life is
    just survival, nothing more, and that love and peace of mind are
    of secondary importance. Sort of saying that there is no problem
    in having a world full of psychos: "as long as they're alive they
    have the chance to repent".]

  [MYL test.html test]

  [A0L davidwest.txt Three poems by David West]

  [LR http://gos.sbc.edu/p/paglia.html A speech by Camille Paglia]

  [LR http://www.revistaforum.com.br/ladob-darcy.htm "Chega de
    descaso" - um texto que o Darcy Ribeiro escreveu sobre o Lula um
    pouco antes do 2º turno das eleições de 1989]

  [J Three essays by Gary Snyder: [AL LATEX/poep.tex The Politics of
    Ethnopoetics] (that has a [AL LATEX/poep.tex#how-do-you
    quotation] that blew my mind open, years ago) [AL LATEX/yogphi.tex
    The Yogin and the Philosopher], and [AL LATEX/reinhab.tex
    Re-Inhabitation]; if you like them, plase [HREF
    order the book].]

  [J Between thought and expression [LR
    http://lucien.blight.com/~sparkle/poems/hollow.html falls the
    shadow] ([LR http://www.cs.umbc.edu/~evans/hollow.html life is
    very long]).]

  [A0L movies.html Some links to movies]

  [J [HREF vegan.html My page about vegan stuff]. In Portuguese, but
    with many links - I'm trying to connect Rio to the rest of the

  [J [LR http://www.zmag.org/ ZNet] (Noam Chomsky, etc); [LR

  [HREF http://www.googol.com/moon/ Phase of the moon]

  [J May 11 is the Internation Day of the Fight Against the Engineers
    (or, if you prefer, "Against the Students of Engineering" - but
    anyway, every person defines "engineer" in a different way, like
    "God"...). I couldn't celebrate it this year, but I'm thinking
    on organizing for 2003 something along the lines of [LR
    http://www.dtek.chalmers.se/~d3rebas/humor/piapprox.html what
    Martin Rebas did for the Pi Approximation day].]

  [IFL [HLIST2 [J Completely unrelated:]
    [LR http://www.debian.org/devel/developers.loc]
    [LR http://www.astro.com/cgi-bin/atlw3/aq.cgi?lang=e]



[P And this used to be part of the "Personal/Misc" section but I
  felt that it deserved more visibility...]

[HLIST1 [J Contact Improvisation]

  [HLIST2 [J A [LR http://home.talkcity.com/JammerJct/contactimprov/
    big page about Contact Improvisation]; some especially nice
    subpages of it are:]

    [J A [LR
      http://home.talkcity.com/JammerJct/contactimprov/jams.html list
      of Contact Improv Jams all over the world]. The ones which I've
      been to are [LR
      this one in Rio] and [LR
      this one in Montreal], and I can't recommend them enough...
      there's no problem in dropping there and just watching, and the
      organizers (and the jams!) are extremely friendly. If you are
      curious but scared my suggestion is to phone the organizers,
      even if you don't know very well what to ask, and let them
      dissipate your fears.]

    [J [LR
      Essays and articles about CI]. They usually start in a boring
      way but then get better, so on a first reading you should jump
      straight to the middle.]


  [HREF http://www.earthdance.net/wiki/ A Wiki about Contact

  [HLIST2 Pictures:
      some from the big page above.]

    [J [BF Wanted:] the pictures above show mostly the moments in
      which Contact Improv looks more acrobatic, or more like
      stretching and relaxing... the moments that I find the most
      fantastic are the ones in which people don't know what they are
      doing, but they are "not knowing" [IT together]; these are
      the moments that are much more like "Contact" and less like
      "Improvisation". I want a pic of one of these moments!!!]

    [J and [LR http://www.python.org/~guido/ClaymontJPEGS/ some from
      Guido van Rossum's collection]... I especially like these: [LR
      http://www.python.org/~guido/ClaymontJPEGS/059.JPG 59], [LR
      http://www.python.org/~guido/ClaymontJPEGS/062.JPG 62], [LR
      http://www.python.org/~guido/ClaymontJPEGS/064.JPG 64], [LR
      http://www.python.org/~guido/ClaymontJPEGS/065.JPG 65], [LR
      http://www.python.org/~guido/ClaymontJPEGS/069.JPG 69], [LR
      http://www.python.org/~guido/ClaymontJPEGS/113.JPG 113].]


  [J By the way, one of the things that I most hate in the world is
    gender roles, and I found that CI is one of the situations where
    people can drop their gender roles and all other cliches more
    easily, and search for something more real. And it's a lot of fun
    too, it's not like something that starts by humiliating people and
    reducing them to dust. But I'll write more about that some other


[P [COLOR red September 11, 2001 - the inevitable happenned in an oh
so glorious way]

[BR] If you treat everybody else as an enemy you get an ulcer.

[BR] The American ulcer is bleeding (in the form of the falling of the
twin towers), and it is no longer possible to just take a pill, find
something external to blame, and forget about the problem.


[P (By the way: [LR
http://www.guardian.co.uk/Archive/Article/0,4273,4284603,00.html The
seven levels of despair], by John Berger.)]

[P 2003mar20:
  [COLOR red Oh, no - they're destroying another country -] [BR] 
  What we need is a world without the United States. [BR]
  What have [BF you] been doing for that?

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# [P [COLOR orange Ei!] Se você mora no Rio de Janeiro e se interessa
#   por Software Livre, eu vou fazer uma apresentação no sábado, 8 de
#   dezembro - siga [A0L cipsga.html esse link] para detalhes.]
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# [P ([MYL index-old.html My old index page]. This one is under
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#      [J "[LR
#        http://kuoi.asui.uidaho.edu/~kamikaze/documents/beginning_CLI.html
#        In the Beginning was the Command Line]", by Neal Stephenson]

# [P (This is obsolete, but anyway:) [COLOR red 2002mar31]: Yasser
# Arafat, who is one of the very few persons in the world that I admire,
# is about to die, and there's nothing that I can do - or say - about
# that. This is such a hairy subject. ([A0L arafat.html Read more])]

# Killing Americans doesn't work well - we can only do that once or
# twice, and they've shown that they're incapable of understanding a
# "memento mori"

# Organic agriculture

# Styles of life based on cooperation, sharing, and awareness instead
# of on competition and irresponsibility

# Free information