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% Definitions corresponding to active characters (most of them are
% displayed by glyphs)
% Edrx, 2005jun25

% (find-eev "eev-math-glyphs.el")
% (require 'eev-math-glyphs)
% (eev-math-glyphs-edrx)
% (eev-math-glyphs-reset)

% (find-doutfile "")
% (find-doutfile "defs-dnt.tex")
% (find-doutfile "defs-headfoot.tex")
% (find-doutfile "defs-sect.tex")
% (find-doutfile "defs-symbols.tex")
% (find-doutfile "defs.tex")

\catcode`=13 \def{\mathstrut}
\catcode`=13 \def{\neg}
\catcode`×=13 \def×{\times}
\catcode`=13 \def{\cdot}

% (find-fline "~/LATEX/dout/doutfont.lua")
% ̢
% ∧⊃
% Å
% ñî
% Ë
% åÆ
% ÛÏ

\catcode`=13 \def{\Fa}
\catcode`=13 \def{\Ex}
\catcode`=13 \def{\in}
\catcode`=13 \def{\cap}
\catcode`=13 \def{\cup}
\catcode`=13 \def{\circ}

\catcode`=13 \def{\top}
\catcode`=13 \def{\bot}
\catcode`∧=13 \def∧{\land}
\catcode`⊃=13 \def⊃{\limp}
\catcode`=13 \def{{:}}

\catcode`=13 \def{\ge}
\catcode`=13 \def{^{-1}}
\catcode`Å=13 \defÅ{\int}
\catcode`=13 \def{^\perp}

\catcode`ñ=13 \defñ{\Box}
\catcode`=13 \def{\otimes}
\catcode`=13 \def{\oplus}
\catcode`î=13 \defî{\natural}

\catcode`=13 \def{\mathrm}
\catcode`=13 \def{\mathbf}
\catcode`=13 \def{\mathsf}
\catcode`Ë=13 \defË{\text}
\catcode`=13 \def{\underline}
\catcode`=13 \def{\vec}

\catcode`=13 \def{\Theta}
\catcode`å=13 \defå{\Pi}
\catcode`Æ=13 \defÆ{\Sigma}
\catcode`=13 \def{\Omega}

\catcode`=13 \def{\lambda}
\catcode`=13 \def{\pi}
\catcode`Û=13 \defÛ{\nu}
\catcode`Ï=13 \defÏ{\omega}

% \catcode`º=13 \defº{${}^\underline{\mathrm{o}}$}

% (find-fline "~/MTA/vtutil" "setglyphs")
% (setglyphs ?\^R nil 18 ?\^E nil 5 ?\^T nil 20 ?\^D nil 4)
\catcode`=13 \def{\delta}
\catcode`=13 \def{\epsilon}
\catcode`=13 \def{\rho}
\catcode`=13 \def{\theta}
\catcode`=13 \def{\to}
\catcode`=13 \def{\ot}
\catcode`∨=13 \def∨{\lor}

\def\sto{\Rrightarrow}          % syntactic "to"

\catcode`=13 \def{\sigma}
\catcode`=13 \def{\tau}

% Local Variables:
% coding:               raw-text-unix
% ee-delimiter-percent: "\n%*\n"
% ee-anchor-format:     "«%s»"
% End: