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-- wrap.lua: wrapping strings in other strings.
-- This file:
-- http://angg.twu.net/dednat6/wrap.lua
-- http://angg.twu.net/dednat6/wrap.lua.html
--  (find-angg        "dednat6/wrap.lua")
-- Note: I think that this is not needed anymore, since I replaced
-- some old code by this:
--   (find-dn6 "newrect.lua" "makepicture")

-- (find-es "lua5" "mult-as-comp")
-- Make (f*g)(a, b, c) behave as f(g(a, b, c))
debug.setmetatable (print, {
    __mul = function (f, g) return
        function (...) return f(g(...)) end

wrap = function (fmt_or_pre, post)
    if post then
      return function (str) return fmt_or_pre..str..post end
      return function (str) return format(fmt_or_pre, str) end

* (eepitch-lua51)
* (eepitch-kill)
* (eepitch-lua51)
dofile "wrap.lua"
wrap_center = wrap "\\hbox to 0pt{\\hss %s\\hss}}"
wrap_dollar = wrap "$%s$"
= (wrap_center * wrap_dollar)("hello")


-- Local Variables:
-- coding: raw-text-unix
-- End: