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This is the `BUGS' file of GNU eev.
Author and version: Eduardo Ochs, 2005mar18.
This file in the Public Domain.
Latest version: <http://angg.twu.net/eev-current/BUGS>
    See also:   <http://angg.twu.net/eev-current/README.html>



* `find-etpat' does not do what is expected in customization buffers.
  That's because customize uses overlays.  We need something
  corresponding to find-etpat that will inspect overlays.

* `find-sh' does not use `ee-buffer-name'.

* color-theme sometimes overrides glyph faces (reported by dto).

* eegchannel doesn't work well in comint mode (reported by dto).


* It seems that @_EEVDIR@ is being replaced by "~eev-current/rcfiles"
  - not "~/..." - in gentoos (reported by h2so4)

* In some situations bash doesn't read ~/.bashrc.  Users should be
  warned of that.  One way to force bash to restart using ~/.bashrc is
  with "exec bash -i". Links:

  (find-man "1 bash" "--norc" "~/.bashrc" "invoked as sh")
  (find-man "1 bash" "\nINVOCATION\n" "interactive shell")
  (find-man "1 bash" "\nINVOCATION\n" "interactive shell" " ~/.bashrc")
  (find-man "1 bash" "\nFILES\n" "~/.bashrc" "individual per-interactive-shell")

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  coding:                    raw-text-unix
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