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This is the CHANGELOG file of GNU eev.
Author and version: Eduardo Ochs, 2006sep05.
Public domain.
Note: this file is not what you want!
You want the "ChangeLog" file instead.
This file just explains why "ChangeLog" has holes.


Hi. Sorry. There is no changelog.

Until eev-0.93 I was being very careful and keeping a changelog with
all sorts of (irrelevant) details. But I was getting the impression
that no one was using eev, and that it had several design flaws.

I decided to rewrite eev completely. Now (2004nov08) this rewriting is
almost done. I decided that only after having stabilized the code,
having written all the tests and examples, and having tried to teach
it to friends -- mostly by IRC, sometimes face-to-face -- I would go
back to writing changelogs.

At the current stage the order of individual changes is not important,
and there are too many of them. At some point in a near future I'll
write down a map showing how eev is divided into layers and modules
and how these layers and modules are connected. A map like that will
be far more useful than changelogs.

There's an unfinished text about the history of eev in doc/. It shows
how the basic ideas of eev are essentially all contained in a few
functions -- ee-goto-position, find-fline, find-node, eev, code-c-d.
I think I haven't explained code-c-d there yet.

More later.
  Edrx 2004nov08