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This is the `README-0.95.1' file of GNU eev.
Author and version: Eduardo Ochs, 2007may15.
This file is in the Public Domain.


I don't use any version control system on eev (yet), and I was tired
of keeping so much cruft in it... So: I'm releasing eev-0.95.1 now,
even with all its rough edges, just to have these obsolete files
stored in some official tarball - and out of my sight.

Here are some of the things that I plan to change on eev soon (as
always, for some value of "soon"):

  * the code for eepitch in eev-steps.el will be replaced by the new
    version that is now at eev-mini-steps.el;

  * several functions in eev that create or run external processes
    will be changed to use find-callprocess, find-bgprocess, and
    find-comintprocess functions (see eev-mini.el),

  * I got a cleaner version of code-c-d - it accepts keywords (like
    :grep) and is extensible like the one in eev.el, but it is almost
    as simple as the one currently in eev-mini.el; the one in eev.el
    will be replaced by the new one - and maybe I will move it to a
    separate file, but I'm not sure about this yet,

  * all functions like find-estring and find-sh will be based on
    find-eoutput-rerun and find-eoutput-reuse, like in eev-mini.el,

  * a new stepper: eexterm. It will corresponds to what is now
    eechannel-xterm (with some name changes, obviously), but we will
    stop stressing so much that it is built on top of eechannel,

  * several of the HTML files in the documentation are currently being
    generated using htmlize.el and some ugly hacks (htmlize-eev.el and
    htmlize-all.el); I'm planning to generate them with blogme3

  * the HTML version of the article is currently being generated with
    blogme3, and the TeXinfo-ed version is generated from another
    source... with some changes on blogme3 it should be possible to
    generate both from a single source. This will take longer to do
    than other items above, though.

Cheers, more soon,
  Eduardo Ochs

--snip--snip-- Old stuff: --snip--snip--

This is the `README-0.95.1' file of GNU eev.
Author and version: Eduardo Ochs, 2006sep27.
This file is in the Public Domain.

Note: Eev-0.95.1 is not ready yet, but its README is! Read on...

Eev-0.95.1 is an interim release! Several files in eev-current were
obsolete and had to be removed, and I wanted to save their last
versions somewhere before removing them... I don't use CVS, so the
right thing to do was to create a numbered release - 0.95.1 -
containing everything, and soon after releasing eev-0.95.1 I would
remove the obsolete files from eev-current.

Almost half of the elisp files will be removed:

   To be kept              To be removed
   ==========              =============
   eev.el                  eev-dev.el        
   eev-insert.el           eev-insert-old.el 
   eev-steps.el            eev-walk.el       
   eev-browse-url.el       eev-ttp.el        
   eev-compose.el          compose.el        
   eev-glyphs.el           glyphs.el         


From the above list of elisp files to be kept only `eev-langs.el' is
still very terse, with very few comments and docstrings, and has to be
rewritten; all the other elisp files in the "to be kept" column should
have enough comments by now - I've been working on that in the last
weeks -, and I think that they are quite close to being of Emacs

My plan is to release 0.95.1, then do some tests on the new
eev-current to check if it is self-contained - at the moment it
probably still has a few calls to functions that are defined in my
.emacs - then release a 0.95.2, then contact the GNU/FSF people again
to include eev in GNU Emacs.

About the htmlized versions of elisp files: now anyone running CVS GNU
Emacs on a decent OS should be able to reconstruct the html files by
running "make htmls", so they will be dropped out from eev-current
soon. They are generated by these two auxiliary .el files:


Other important things to do soon: update my e-mail address and FSF's
snail-mail address in the headers of many files; update the NEWS file;
convert the article about eev to TeXinfo; rewrite the sections of the
article that discuss the single-steppers; etc, etc, etc.