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The original is across this link,
and the conversion rules are here.
This is the `article/README' file of GNU eev.
Copyright (C) 2005 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
Copying and distribution of this file, with or without modification,
are permitted in any medium without royalty provided the copyright
notice and this notice are preserved.
Author and version: Eduardo Ochs, 2005jun03.

[Note: the same copyright terms apply to all files in this directory.
TO DO: state that in the right way.]

This directory holds the source for an article about eev that I
started to write for a conference... I missed the deadline by far
(it's still unfinished), and the organizers were asking for articles
of 10 pages or fewer; but my article is 17 pages long now and is still
growing. Well, whatever. Enjoy.

You can find pre-TeXed versions of it (a .ps.gz and a .pdf) at:

To TeX it run "make" or "make eev.dvi"; you will need imagemagick. I
you are me and you're producing screenshots you'll need pngcrush too.

Note: to include the .eps figures in the text I'm having to use two
different "scale" parameters; it seems that my version of `convert' (I
use Debian Sarge) is using different scales for different .png files.
I haven't had time to investigate why.

Plain text, texinfo and html versions of this article will be made at
some point in the future, but probably only after I have finished the
LaTeX version. The .tex contains dirty tricks (for example glyphs via
catcodes) and some screenshots; converting that to other formats will
not be trivial.

Please ignore the rest of this file.

cd ~/eev-current/article/
cd ~/eev-current/article/
Scp eev.ps.gz eev.2.ps.gz eev.pdf \

cd ~/eev-current/article/
make eev.dvi
rexdvi eev.dvi
cd ~/eev-current/article/
make extraclean
cd ~/eev-current/article/
mcopy eev.2.ps.gz a:eev2ps.gz


cd ~/FISL/
rm eev.aux
latex eev.tex && latex eev.tex
rexdvi eev.dvi &

# (find-sh "pngcrush -h")
# (find-sh "pngcrush -h" "convert color to grayscale")
# (find-sh "pngcrush -h" "delete an unwanted alpha channel")
# (find-sh "pngcrush -h" "0 means try all of 1-10")
# (find-man "convert")

cd ~/FISL/
pngcrush -c 0 -m 0 ss-f9.png ss-f9-crush.png;   laf ss-f9*
convert ss-f9-crush.png ss-f9.eps;              laf ss-f9*

pngcrush -c 0 -m 0 ss-lua.png ss-lua-crush.png; laf ss-lua*
convert ss-lua-crush.png ss-lua.eps;            laf ss-lua*

pngcrush -c 0 -m 0 ss-m-h.png ss-m-h-crush.png; laf ss-m-h*
convert ss-m-h-crush.png ss-m-h.eps;            laf ss-m-h*

cd ~/FISL/
dvips  -o eev.ps   eev.dvi
dvired -o eev.2.ps eev.dvi
gzip -9f eev.ps
gzip -9f eev.2.ps
dvipdf    eev.dvi  eev.pdf
Scp eev.ps.gz eev.2.ps.gz eev.pdf edrx@angg.twu.net:slow_html/FISL/

cd ~/FISL/
dvipdf eev.dvi eev.pdf

cd ~/FISL/
Scp sbc2003.sty                     edrx@angg.twu.net:slow_html/FISL/
Scp ss-f9.png ss-lua.png ss-m-h.png edrx@angg.twu.net:slow_html/FISL/

* (eebgTWU)
cd        ~/slow_html/eev-current/article/
cp -v * ~/public_html/eev-current/article/
cd      ~/public_html/eev-current/article/
LC_COLLATE=C lstoindexhtml_lua_maybe eev-current/article

cd        ~/slow_html/FISL/
cp -v * ~/public_html/FISL/
cd      ~/public_html/FISL/
LC_COLLATE=C lstoindexhtml_lua_maybe FISL

# http://www.mat.puc-rio.br/~edrx/FISL/eev.ps.gz
# http://www.mat.puc-rio.br/~edrx/FISL/eev.2.ps.gz

# http://angg.twu.net/FISL/eev.ps.gz
# http://angg.twu.net/FISL/eev.2.ps.gz