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   A way to control shell-like programs from Emacs, or:
   A short video about eepitch, or:
   Eev's most obvious killer feature

0. An impressive demo
(find-prepared-intro "An `ee' for Python")
(find-sh "awk '82<=NR && NR<=113' ~/eev-intros/find-prepared-intro")

1. What are these red stars (`*'s)?
(find-eepitch-intro "glyph")
(eek "RET  C-q C-a  C-q C-b  C-q C-c")
(eek "RET  C-q C-n  C-q C-o  C-q C-p  C-q C-q")

2. Reusing eepitch targets
* (eepitch-python)
print "Hello"
* (eepitch-shell)
echo Hello

3. Creating eepitch targets
* (kill-buffer "*shell*")
* (eepitch-shell)
echo Hello from a new shell

4. Making sure an eepitch target is new
* (eepitch-shell)
* (eepitch-kill)
* (eepitch-shell)
seq 2 5
# This is a shell comment
# This too: (find-man "1 seq")
#     also: (find-sh0 "seq 2 5")
#           (find-sh "seq 2 5")
#           (find-sh "dict smop")
#           (find-sh "dict smop" "minor detail")

5. `eewrap-*' and eepitch blocks
# (eek "<down> M-M <down>")
1 seq

# (eek "<down> M-S <down>")
seq 2 5

# (eek "<down> M-T <down>")

6. `eejump' and the help system
(eek     "M-j")
(eek "M-5 M-j")
(find-eepitch-intro "(much) more advanced example")
(find-prepared-intro "An `ee' for Python")

7. More examples
(find-pdf-like-intro "Two test documents")
(find-xpdf-page "/tmp/foo.pdf" 4)

(find-anchor "~/eev-puro/mini-lua-intro.e")
(find-anchor "~/eev-puro/mini-lua-intro.e" "intro:closures")

8. More info & more everything
Google for "Eduardo Ochs" (me!)
  --> http://angg.twu.net/
      E-mail: eduardoochs@gmail.com
      IRC: "edrx" at Freenode (channel: #eev)