Warning: this is an htmlized version!
The original is here, and
the conversion rules are here.
;; (find-es "emacs" "find-man-email-2020dec29")
;; (find-eev "eev-blinks.el" "find-man")
;; (find-eev "eev-blinks.el" "find-man-bug")
;; (find-function 'Man-bgproc-sentinel)
;; (find-evariable 'Man-notify-method)
;; (find-evardescr 'Man-notify-method)
;; (find-evariable 'Man-notify-method)
;; (find-efile "man.el")
;; (find-efile "man.el" "(defun Man-notify-when-ready")
;; (find-efile "man.el" "(defun Man-notify-when-ready" "'polite")
;; (find-efile "man.el" "(defun Man-notify-when-ready" "(beep)")
;; (find-efile "man.el" "(defun Man-translate-references")
;; (find-egrep "grep --color -nH --null -e Man-notify-when-ready man.el")
;; (find-egrep "grep --color -nH --null -e Man-cooked-hook man.el")
;; (find-egrep "grep --color -nH --null -e Man-mode-hook man.el")
;; (find-egrep "grep --color -nH --null -e Man-start-calling man.el")
;; (find-egrep "grep --color -nH --null -e Man-bgproc-sentinel man.el")
;; (find-efile "man.el" "(defsubst Man-build-man-command")
;; (find-efile "man.el" "[formatting...]")
;; (find-efile "man.el" "formatted")
;; (find-efile "man.el" "%s man page formatted")
;; (find-efunctionpp 'Man-mode)
;; (load "man.el")

;; (find-man "bash")
;; (find-man "bash(1)")
;; (find-man "bash(1)" "single-character")
;; (find-man "bash(1)" "Do not use the GNU readline")

;; This is a miniature of the real `ee-goto-position'. See:
;; http://angg.twu.net/LATEX/2019emacsconf.pdf#page=5
;; http://angg.twu.net/eev-intros/find-refining-intro.html#1
;; http://angg.twu.net/eev-current/eev-blinks.el.html#ee-goto-position
(defun ee-goto-position-mini (&rest pos-spec-list)
  (when pos-spec-list			; if pos-spec-list is non-nil
    (goto-char (point-min))		; then go to (point-min)
    (dolist (str pos-spec-list)		; and for each string in pos-spec-list
      (search-forward str))))		; search forward for that string

(setq ee-man-bufname       nil)
(setq ee-man-pos-spec-list nil)

(defun ee-man-goto-pos-spec-list ()
  (with-current-buffer ee-man-bufname
    (apply 'ee-goto-position-mini ee-man-pos-spec-list)))

(defun ee-man-beep ()
  "A hack: `ee-find-man' makes `man' run this instead of `beep'."
  (switch-to-buffer ee-man-bufname nil t))

(defun ee-find-man (topic &rest pos-spec-list)
  "Like (man TOPIC), but also searches for the strings in POS-SPEC-LIST.
Ideally this function should run `ee-man-goto-pos-spec-list'
after the manpage is fully rendered, but I haven't been able to
find a way to do that - HELP! It seems that it is calling
`ee-man-beep' after the man buffer is ready and the backgound
processes are all set up, without waiting for the background
processes to finish..."
  (setq topic (Man-translate-references topic))
  (setq ee-man-bufname (concat "*Man " topic "*"))
  (setq ee-man-pos-spec-list pos-spec-list)
  (cl-letf ((Man-notify-method 'polite)
            ((symbol-function 'beep) (symbol-function 'ee-man-beep)))
    (man topic)))

;; Tests: 
;; (ee-find-man "bash")
;; (ee-find-man "bash(1)")
;; (ee-find-man "bash(1)" "single-character")

(defun ee-man-beep ()
  "A hack: `ee-find-man' replaces `beep' temporarily by this."