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Notes on GF's blog etc etc.


Index of the slides:
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% (s "Notes on ``Grothendieck Topologies - Part I (Pretopologies)''" "grtop-1")
\myslide {Notes on ``Grothendieck Topologies - Part I (Pretopologies)''} {grtop-1}

% http://catsinthejungle.wordpress.com/2008/11/10/grothendieck-topologies-part-i-pretopologies/




(i) The family $\{U\}$ covers $U$.

(ii) If the family $\calU = (U_\aa)_{\aaİA}$ covers $U$ and $V \subseteq U$,

then the family $(VÌU_\aa)_{\aaİA}$ covers $V$.

(iii) If the family $\calU = (U_\aa)_{\aaİA}$ covers $U$

and for each $U_\aa İ \calU$

the family $\calV_\aa = (V_{\aa\bb})_{\bbİB_\aa}$ covers $U_\aa$

then the family $(V_{\aa\bb})_{\aaİA, \bbİB_\aa}$ covers $U$.


(i) The family $\{I_U:U \to U\}$ $P$-covers $U$.

(ii) If the family $\calU = (U_\aa \to U)_{\aaİA}$ $P$-covers $U$ and $f:V \to U$,

then the family $(V ×_U U_\aa \to V)_{\aaİA}$ $P$-covers $V$.

(iii) If the family $\calU = (U_\aa \to U)_{\aaİA}$ $P$-covers $U$

and for each $(U_\aa \to U) İ \calU$

the family $\calV_\aa = (V_{\aa\bb} \to U_\aa)_{\bbİB_\aa}$ $P$-covers $U_\aa$

then the family $(V_{\aa\bb} \to U_\aa \to U)_{\aaİA, \bbİB_\aa}$ $P$-covers $U$.



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