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A {\sl hyperdoctrine} is a cloven fibration $p: \bbE \to \bbB$
with some extra structure:

(1) the base category $\bbB$ is a CCC,

(2) each fiber $\bbE_B$ is a CCC,

(3) for each ``first projection'' map $\pi \equiv (a,b \mto a)$ in
$bbB$ the associated ``weakening'' functor $\pi^*: \bbE_A \to \bbE_{A×B}$
has a left and a right adjoints,

(4) for each ``duplication'' map $\delta \equiv (b \mto b,b')$ in
$bbB$ the associated ``contraction'' functor $\delta^*: \bbE_{B×B} \to
\bbE_B$ has a left and a right adjoints, $Æ_\delta \dashv f* \dashv

 $Æ_\pi \dashv f* \dashv å_\pi$,

(3) a left adjoint, $Æ_f \dashv f*$,

(4) a right adjoint, $f^* \dashv å_f$,

and each change-of base functor $f^*$ preserves, modulo iso,

(5) the terminal,

(6) binary products,

(7) exponentials,

and furthermore the following three ``technical conditions'' hold:

(8) Beck-Chevalley for ``exists'',

(9) Beck-Chevalley for ``forall'',

(10) Frobenius.



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