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\title{Relatório de atividades: \\
       Applied Category Theory 2019 -- ACT2019 \\
       Oxford, 15 a 19 de julho, 2019

\author{Eduardo Nahum Ochs \\
        SIAPE 1669224


O processo de submissão para o ACT2019 pedia que enviássemos um
``extended abstract'' de até 12 páginas. O que eu enviei tinha
exatamente 12 páginas; o abstract dele é este aqui,


  {\bf On some missing diagrams in the Elephant}


  Imagine two category theorists, Aleks and Bob, who both think very
  visually and who have exactly the same background. One day Aleks
  discovers a theorem, $T_1$, and sends an e-mail, $E_1$, to Bob,
  stating and proving $T_1$ in a purely algebraic way; then Bob is
  able to reconstruct by himself Aleks's diagrams for $T_1$ exactly as
  Aleks has thought them. We say that Bob has reconstructed the
  {\sl missing diagrams} in Aleks's e-mail.

  Now suppose that Carol has published a paper, $P_2$, with a theorem
  $T_2$. Aleks and Bob both read her paper independently, and both
  pretend that she thinks diagrammatically in the same way as them.
  They both ``reconstruct the missing diagrams'' in $P_2$ in the same
  way, even though Carol has never used those diagrams herself.

  Here we will reconstruct, in the sense above, some of the ``missing
  diagrams'' in two factorizations of geometric morphisms in section
  A4 of Johnstone's ``Sketches of an Elephant'', and also some
  ``missing examples''. Our criteria for determining what is
  ``missing'' and how to fill out the holes are essentially the ones
  presented in the ``Logic for Children'' workshop at the UniLog 2018;
  they are derived from a certain {\sl definition} of ``children''
  that turned out to be especially fruitful.


A versão completa dele está disponível em:
  % (find-angg "LATEX/2019oxford-abs.tex")
  % http://angg.twu.net/LATEX/2019oxford-abs.pdf
  \url{http://angg.twu.net/LATEX/2019oxford-abs.pdf} \\
  \url{http://angg.twu.net/math-b.html#missing-diagrams-elephant} \\

Ele não aprovado para virar um ``talk'' na conferência mas foi
aprovado para ser apresentado e discutido na ``poster session''. O
poster que eu apresentei está disponível em:
  % (find-angg "LATEX/2019oxford-abs.tex")
  % http://angg.twu.net/LATEX/2019elephant-poster.pdf
  \url{http://angg.twu.net/LATEX/2019elephant-poster.pdf} \\
  \url{http://angg.twu.net/math-b.html#missing-diagrams-elephant} \\


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