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% (find-LATEX "beamer-template.tex")
% (find-LATEX "BSTEM.tex")
% (defun c () (interactive) (find-LATEXsh "run-latex 'stem=BSTEM;pla'"))
% (defun c () (interactive) (find-LATEXsh "run-latex 'stem=BSTEM;d4;pla'"))
% (defun d () (interactive) (find-xpdfpage "~/LATEX/BSTEM.pdf"))
% (defun fra () (interactive) (insert "\n% <>\n%\n\\begin{frame}\n\\frametitle{}\n\\end{frame}\n"))
% (find-pen-links)
% (find-sh0 "cp -v ~/LATEX/BSTEM.pdf /tmp/pen/BSTEM.pdf")

% «.title-page»		(to "title-page")
% «.bibliography»	(to "bibliography")

\documentclass[hyperref=colorlinks]{beamer} % (find-es "beamer" "hyperref")
\usepackage{etex}               % (find-es "tex" "no-room-for-a-new-dimen")
% \usepackage{times}
\usepackage{edrx08}             % (find-dn4ex "edrx08.sty")
%L process "edrx08.sty"        -- (find-dn4ex "edrx08.sty")

\input BSTEM.dnt

\setbeamertemplate{navigation symbols}{} % (find-es "beamer" "navigation")

% «.title-page»		(to "title-page")
\author{Eduardo Ochs}
  Departmento de Física e Matemática\\
  Pólo Universitário de Rio das Ostras\\
  % \footnotesize
  (Version: 2014apr09)
\date{EBL 2014}

% «bibliography» (to ".bibliography")
  \frametitle{For Further Reading}
    \newblock {\em Toposes and Local Set Theories}.
    \newblock Oxford, 1988 (re-ed: Dover, 2007).
    \newblock{\em Internal Diagrams and Archetypal Reasoning in Category Theory}
    \newblock Logica Universalis, 2013
  % (find-TH "math-b" "sheaves-on-zdags")
  % (find-TH "math-b" "internal-diags-in-ct")


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