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# dragTs.tcl
# By Edrx, 2007feb19
# This is meant to be used in eepitch blocks
# to drag text around
# (find-es "tcl" "dragTs")
# (find-tclbook2page (+ -126 167) "Anchors")

# canvas .c -width 200 -height 200
# pack .c -expand yes -fill both
proc dragx {x} { global oldx; set prevx $oldx; set oldx $x; expr $x-$prevx }
proc dragy {y} { global oldy; set prevy $oldy; set oldy $y; expr $y-$prevy }
set tcl_prompt2 { puts -nonewline "> " }   ;# (find-es "tcl" "prompts")
proc T {x y text} {
  global n placex placey
  if {$x=="_"} { set x $placex }
  if {$y=="_"} { set y $placey; incr placey 11 }
  incr n
  .c delete T${n}
  .c create text $x $y -text $text -anchor nw -tags "T${n} dump"
  .c bind T${n} <1>         {set oldx %x; set oldy %y}
  .c bind T${n} <B1-Motion> ".c move T${n}||tagged \[dragx %x\] \[dragy %y\]"
proc dumptostring {n} {
  foreach {x y} [.c coords T${n}] {}
  set x [expr int($x)]
  set y [expr int($y)]
  set text [.c itemcget T${n} -text]
  format "T %3d %3d %s" $x $y [list $text]
proc dumpalltostring {} {
  global n
  set bigstr {}
  for {set i 1} {$i<=$n} {incr i} {
    append bigstr "[dumptostring $i]\n"
  return $bigstr
source $env(HOME)/TCL/inc.tcl ;# (find-angg "TCL/inc.tcl")
proc writeTs {} { writefile /tmp/Ts [dumpalltostring] }