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dednat.lua, version 0.01 -
A package to typeset deduction trees in TeX.

Run "make" to produce a dvi from the demo file example.tex.

I'm intending to place everything in this package in the public domain
but I haven't had the time to adjust the headers of the files.

How it works: dednat.lua takes a TeX file, processes the lines that
start with "%:" -- that cointain deduction trees written in a nice 2D
form -- and writes down another TeX file, usually ending in ".dnt",
that has TeX definitions for the trees in the "%:" blocks. The tree
definitions can be invoked with "\ded{nameofthetree}"; see

The lines with the "^O"s indicate substitutions to be done in the text
of the nodes and of the material that appear at the right of the bars.

The file example_tex.png is a screenshot of Emacs editing example.tex.
I have told Emacs to display the "^O"s as small red squares, and I
have changed the console font to make an "is an element of" symbol
appear in the position 206. Please see my package "vtutil" for more
information on how to change the console font, and the demos of my
package "eev" for the trick of the colored chars.

BUG: Ideally this package should support all TeX packages for
deduction trees, but I couldn't understand how to use Paul Taylor's
package... Help, anyone?

SEMIBUG: this package needs more documentation.

    Eduardo Ochs