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and the conversion rules are here.
vtutil-0.01 - utilities to modify VT fonts, to set the current font,
and to take VT screenshots.

Tested on Linux only - more specifically, on Debian Potato.

The files ega0.8, ega1.8, ega0.16 and ega1.16 were surgically
extracted from the (IIRC) EGA.CPI file of M$-DOG in 1994 or 1995; they
are non-free. The "ega0"s correspond to codepage 437 fonts, and the
"ega1"s are codepage 850 fonts.

All the other files in this package are intented to be under the GPL
licence, but I haven't had the time to fix the headers.

There is no "install" target in the makefile; this is because this
package is meant to be run from the directory where it was unpacked.

A plain "make" will generate all the automatically-generated files and
do nothing else. A "make clean" will leave only the files from the
.tar.gz. All the other actions (including screenshots, setting the
font and the keymap, etc) are invoked through "make" targets, so read
the makefile.

You'll need a version of Lua that supports regexps and loading ".so"s
- check my package of Lua for Debian. It is possible to build and
install the package on other OSs and distros, even without super-user


  * The PIO_FONTX ioctl in pio_fontx.c is always issued on STDIN. That
    must be made more flexible.

  * There should be instructions for compiling and installing my
    version of Lua. Currently people need to look for the instructions
    in my home page.

  * There should be a way to draw the cursor in the screenshot.

  * It is possible to use free fonts instead of the M$-DOG ones. I
    need to discover how to do it and stop distributing the non-free

  * Long-term project: extend the system to let it modify BDF fonts
    (for X).

      Eduardo Ochs