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This is the file `README.windows' of dednat4.
Author:     Eduardo Ochs <eduardoochs@gmail.com>
Maintainer: Eduardo Ochs <eduardoochs@gmail.com>
Version:    2008jun27
This file is in the Public Domain.
See: http://angg.twu.net/dednat4.html
     (find-dn4 "Makefile")

The Makefile will not work on Windows, but there isn't a lot to
make... these instructions should probably work, though.
I haven't tested them - feedback is welcome.

Preparation, a.k.a. Installation

Download a pre-built lua-5.1.3 from:


and "install" it - whatever that means in the Windows world.

Download dednat4 from:


and unpack it somewhere; I will refer to the directory where dednat4
was unpacked - i.e., the directory were "dednat4.lua", "edrxlib.lua"
and "experimental.lua" are - as $DN4DIR.

Download the required extra (La)TeX files, and put them at the same
directory where your own LaTeX files - including the ones that you
want to process with dednat4 - are. Here are direct links to what you
should download:


I will refer to the directory with the TeX files are as $MYTEXDIR.
(Should it be $YOURTEXDIR? Or $USERTEXDIR? 8-\)

Copy all the files from $DN4DIR/examples/ to $MYTEXDIR too. Not all of
them will be needed, but it is easier to copy them all. By the way -
if you copy the three ".lua" files in $DN4DIR to $MYTEXDIR then things
will be slightly simpler, as you will be able to assume that $DN4DIR
and $MYTEXDIR are the same, and omit the "$DN4DIR/"s below.

Running it

From $MYTEXDIR, run:

  lua5.1 $DN4DIR/dednat4.lua yourtexfile.tex

This will process the trees and diagrams (and the "%L" lines, and the
definitions of abbreviations, etc) in "yourtexfile.tex", and will
generate a file "yourtexfile.dnt". Note that "dednat4.lua" will try
to load other ".lua" files - at least "edrxlib.lua", and it adds the
directory of the "dednat4.lua" script to its path when it starts.

Testing it

Here's a simple way to test if everything works: after doing all the
preparations, copy the file "eedemo1.tex" to "ee.tex" (in the
$MYTEXDIR directory), and the file "edrxmain4.tex" to "tmp.tex" (also
in $MYTEXDIR), and run:

  lua5.1 $DN4DIR/dednat4.lua tmp.tex

this should produce a file "tmp.dnt". Then run LaTeX on "tmp.tex". The
resulting "tmp.dvi" or "tmp.pdf" file should have a tree and a