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% This is the file "examples/edrxmain41a.tex" of dednat4.
% It is normally used like this:
%   cp edrxmain41a.tex tmp.tex
%   dednat4 tmp.tex
% This file:
% http://angg.twu.net/dednat4/examples/edrxmain41a.tex
% http://angg.twu.net/dednat4/examples/edrxmain41a.tex.html
% (find-dn4ex "edrxmain41a.tex")
% Compare with:
% (find-dn4ex "edrxmain41.tex")
% Used by:   (find-angg ".emacs" "eedn4a")
% Copied to: (find-angg "LATEX/")
%        as: (find-angg "LATEX/tmp.tex")
%  See also: (find-angg ".emacs" "dednat4-setup")
% Eduardo Ochs, 2008apr07

\usepackage{edrx08}       % (find-dn4ex "edrx08.sty")
%L process "edrx08.sty"  -- (find-dn4ex "edrx08.sty")
% For the footer with the filename and a timestamp:
\input edrxheadfoot.tex   % (find-dn4ex "edrxheadfoot.tex")

\usepackage{begriff}      % (find-angg "LUA/begriff.lua")

\edrxcolors               % (find-dn4ex "edrx08.sty" "colors")


%L processfile "ee.tex"
\input tmp.dnt
\input ee.tex