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% (defun c () (interactive) (find-dednat6sh "lualatex -record extra-modules.tex"))
% (defun d () (interactive) (find-pdf-page "~/dednat6/extra-modules.pdf"))
% (defun e () (interactive) (find-dednat6 "extra-modules.tex"))
% (defun u () (interactive) (find-latex-upload-links "extra-modules"))
% (find-pdf-page "~/dednat6/extra-modules.pdf")
% (find-sh0 "cp -v  ~/dednat6/extra-modules.pdf /tmp/")
% (find-sh0 "cp -v  ~/dednat6/extra-modules.pdf /tmp/pen/")
%   file:///home/edrx/dednat6/extra-modules.pdf
%               file:///tmp/extra-modules.pdf
%           file:///tmp/pen/extra-modules.pdf
% http://angg.twu.net/dednat6/extra-modules.pdf
\usepackage[colorlinks]{hyperref} % (find-es "tex" "hyperref")
\usepackage[x11names,svgnames]{xcolor} % (find-es "tex" "xcolor")
% (find-dn6 "preamble6.lua" "preamble0")
\usepackage{proof}   % For derivation trees ("%:" lines)
\input diagxy        % For 2D diagrams ("%D" lines)
\xyoption{curve}     % For the ".curve=" feature in 2D diagrams

\directlua{dofile "dednat6load.lua"}  % (find-LATEX "dednat6load.lua")

% \co: a low-level way to typeset code; a poor man's "\verb"


% (find-LATEX "2017planar-has-defs.tex" "defzha-and-deftcg")
\def\defzha#1#2{\expandafter\def\csname zha-#1\endcsname{#2}}
\def\ifzhaundefined#1{\expandafter\ifx\csname zha-#1\endcsname\relax}
    \errmessage{UNDEFINED ZHA: #1}
    \csname zha-#1\endcsname
\def\deftcg#1#2{\expandafter\def\csname tcg-#1\endcsname{#2}}
\def\iftcgundefined#1{\expandafter\ifx\csname tcg-#1\endcsname\relax}
    \errmessage{UNDEFINED TCG: #1}
    \csname tcg-#1\endcsname
\def\defub#1#2{\expandafter\def\csname ub-#1\endcsname{#2}}
\def\ifubundefined#1{\expandafter\ifx\csname ub-#1\endcsname\relax}
    \errmessage{UNDEFINED UB: #1}
    \csname ub-#1\endcsname

\title{Dednat6: extra modules}

\author{Eduardo Ochs}


% (find-dn6 "dednat6.lua")
% (find-dn6 "dednat6.lua" "requires" "picture")
% (find-dn6 "picture.lua")
% (find-dn6 "zhas.lua")
% (find-dn6 "zhas.lua" "MixedPicture")

The code of Dednat6 --- inside the directory \co{dednat6/} --- is made
of several \co{.lua} files that are {\sl all} loaded by
\co{dednat6.lua}; there is no provision yet for loading only the
modules that are used in a given \co{.tex} file. This means that some
modules that are only useful to the author of Dednat6 (Eduardo Ochs,
a.k.a. ``me'') are always loaded.

Most of these extra modules were written to handle the objects
described in my series of papers about ``Planar Heyting Algebras'',



\section{Picture, zhas, zhaspecs, tcgs}

% (find-LATEXfile "2019ebl-five-appls.tex" "A strange J-operator")
%L tdims = TCGDims {qrh=5, q=15, crh=12, h=60, v=25, crv=7}   -- with v arrows
%L tspec_PA  = TCGSpec.new("46; 11 22 34 45, 25")
%L tspec_PAQ = TCGSpec.new("46; 11 22 34 45, 25", ".???", "???.?.")
%L tspec_PA :mp  ({zdef="O_A(P)"})  :addlrs():print()            :output()
%L tspec_PAQ:mp  ({zdef="O_A(P),J"}):addlrs():print()            :output()
%L tspec_PA :tcgq({tdef="(P,A)",   meta="1pt p"}, "lr q h v ap") :output()
%L tspec_PAQ:tcgq({tdef="(P,A),Q", meta="1pt p"}, "lr q h v ap") :output()
%L tspec_PAC = TCGSpec.new("46; 11 22 34 45, 25", "?...", "???...")
%L tspec_PAC:mp  ({zdef="closed-op"}) :addlrs():print()            :output()
%L tspec_PAC:tcgq({tdef="closed-op", meta="1pt p"}, "lr q h v ap") :output()

\def\squigbij{\;\; \diagxyto/<~>/<300> \;\;}

Here's an example of what they produce:

   \tcg{(P,A),Q} \squigbij \zha{O_A(P),J}
 % $}


Even though these modules are not useful to other people some {\sl
  ideas} in them may be. (TO DO: give examples!)


%UB  P \lor Q \to P \lor Q
%UB  -      -     -      -
%UB  0      1     0      1
%UB  --------     --------
%UB      1            0
%UB  ---------------------
%UB            0
%L defub "PvQ -> PaQ"
$$\pu \ub{PvQ -> PaQ}


% (find-dn6 "luarects.lua")


% Local Variables:
% coding: utf-8-unix
% End: