(Re)generate: (find-templates-intro)
Source code:  (find-eev "eev-intro.el" "find-templates-intro")
More intros:  (find-eev-quick-intro)
This buffer is _temporary_ and _editable_.
It is meant as both a tutorial and a sandbox.

This into is currently GARBAGE.
It should be rewritten to become a tutorial on:

  1) How to use `ee-template0' and `find-elinks':

      (find-eev "eev-wrap.el" "ee-template0")
      (find-eev "eev-elinks.el" "find-elinks")

  2) A review of the conventions here:

      (find-links-conv-intro "3. Classification")

  3) How some template functions like these

      (find-eev "eev-tlinks.el" "find-find-links-links")
      (find-eev "eev-tlinks.el" "find-intro-links")
      (find-eev "eev-wrap.el" "find-eewrap-links")

    are used to create first versions for several functions in