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(Re)generate: (find-templates-intro)
Source code:  (find-eev "eev-intro.el" "find-templates-intro")
More intros:  (find-eev-quick-intro)
This buffer is _temporary_ and _editable_.
Is is meant as both a tutorial and a sandbox.

(find-efunctiondescr 'ee-template0)
(find-efunction      'ee-template0)

`ee-H', `ee-S', `ee-HS'

(find-efunction 'ee-stuff-around-point)

(find-efunction 'find-elinks)

(find-eev "eev-tlinks.el" "find-intro-links")
(find-eevfile "eev-tlinks.el")

The innards: templates
Several functions in eev besides `code-c-d' work by replacing
some substrings in "templates"; they all involve calls to
either the function `ee-template0', which is simpler, or to
`ee-template', which is much more complex.

The function `ee-template0' receives a single argument - a
string, in which each substring surrounded by `{...}'s is to be
replaced, and replaces each `{...}' by the result of evaluating
the `...' in it. For example:

  (ee-template0 "a{(+ 2 3)}b")
            --> "a5b"

Usually the contents of each `{...}' is the name of a variable,
and when the result of evaluating a `{...}' is a string the
replacement does not get `""'s.

The function `ee-template' receives two arguments, a list and a
template string, and the list describes which `{...}' are to be
replaced in the template string, and by what. For example, here,

  (let ((a "AA")
        (b "BB"))
    (ee-template '(a
                   (c "CC"))

      --> "_AA_BB_CC_{d}_"

the "{d}" is not replaced. Note that the list (a b (c "CC"))
contains some variables - which get replaced by their values -
and a pair, that specifies explicitly that every "{c}" should
be replaced by "CC".

Templated buffers
  the first line regenerates the buffer,
  buffer names with "**"s,
  (find-evariable 'ee-buffer-name)

Variant: `find-elinks-elisp'

(find-eev "eev-elinks.el")



(find-efunction 'find-youtubedl-links)
(find-efunction 'ee-hyperlinks-prefix)
(find-efunction 'find-newhost-links)
(find-efunction 'find-eface-links)
  Note that there is no undo.