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This is a README about some videos about eev (and eev is an Emacs thing).
The videos at YouTube are in low-res. Here you'll find the hi-res
version and other things.
  Eduardo Ochs <eduardoochs@gmail.com>, 2012nov16

This README is in ASCII, but don't go away
You will probably be VERY INTERESTED in one of the features of eev -
"eepitch" -, that is presented in the video, starting at 34:10.
Follow this link (switch to full screen, or else you won't see much):

                                               ^^^^^^ note the 34:10

Here is a figure (an asciification of an Emacs frame):
 |                                 |  
 | * (eepitch-shell)               |  
 | * (eepitch-kill)                |  <- kill the shell
 | * (eepitch-shell)               |  <- create a new shell
 | echo "@$PWD"                    |  
 | cd /tmp/                        |  
 | pwd                             |  
 | _                               |  <- cursor
 |--:** NOTES  (Fundamental) ------|
 |                                 |  
 | /home/edrx# echo "@$PWD"        |  <- first command
 | @/home/edrx                     |  <- its output
 | /home/edrx# cd /tmp/            |  <- second command
 | /tmp# pwd                       |  <- third command
 | /tmp                            |  <- its output
 | /tmp# _                         |  <- prompt and point
 |                                 |  
 |--:** *shell*  (Shell:run) ------|

The figure above was adapted from this obsolete README,
                       (find-eev "eepitch.readme"    "the-trivial-case")
but the up-to-date docs are here:

The video: An introduction to eev2 (2012nov11)
The main thing hosted here in this directory is this video:


It is the high-resolution version of the one that is in this YouTube
page (YouTube converted it to a low-res .flv!):

  An introduction to eev2 (2012nov11)

Here are some important links (mentioned in the video):


The notes that I followed in the presentation are here (this is just
for completeness - they're probably in a reader-unfriendly format):


If you understand the concepts in these three "intro"s,


then you can download a local copy of the hi-res version and link to
parts of it using the e-script below.

The e-script below

* (eepitch-shell)
* (eepitch-kill)
* (eepitch-shell)
# Download a local copy
mkdir -p $S/http/angg.twu.net/eev-videos/
cd       $S/http/angg.twu.net/eev-videos/
wget     'http://angg.twu.net/eev-videos/video2.mp4'
echo     'http://angg.twu.net/eev-videos/video2.mp4' >> ~/.psne.log

# Try watching it (note - this needs mplayer!):
# (find-fline "$S/http/angg.twu.net/eev-videos/")
# (find-video "$S/http/angg.twu.net/eev-videos/video2.mp4")

# Shorter hyperlinks to positions in the video:
# (code-video "eev2introvideo" "~/eev-videos/video2.mp4")
# (code-video "eev2introvideo" "$S/http/angg.twu.net/eev-videos/video2.mp4")
# (find-eev2introvideo)
# (find-eev2introvideo "32:35" "eepitch")
# (find-eev2introvideo "34:10" "eepitch")
# (find-eev2introvideo "43:20" "shell and python, each in a different window")
# (find-eev2introvideo "43:40" "shell and python, each in a different window")