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and the conversion rules are here.

;; «.eev»			(to "eev")
;; «.my-mode»			(to "my-mode")
;; «.rcirc»			(to "rcirc")
;; «.git»			(to "git")
;; «.eevvideos»			(to "eevvideos")
;; «.tramp»			(to "tramp")
;; «.find-sudoers-links»	(to "find-sudoers-links")
;; «.find-aptsources-links»	(to "find-aptsources-links")

;; «eev» (to ".eev")
;; From: (find-eev "eev-readme.el")
;;       (find-eev-update-links)
(add-to-list 'load-path "~/eev-current/")
(add-to-list 'load-path "~/eev/")
(require 'eev2-all)	; (find-eev "eev2-all.el")
(eev-mode 1)		; (find-eev "eev-mode.el")

;; «my-mode» (to ".my-mode")
;; From: (find-angg ".emacs" "my-mode")
;; Test: (find-eminorkeymapdescr 'my-mode)
;; Also: (find-eminorkeymapdescr 'eev-mode)
(setq my-mode-map (make-sparse-keymap))
(define-minor-mode my-mode "Makes the keymap `my-mode-map' active."
  :init-value t :global t)
(define-key my-mode-map "\M-o" 'other-window)
(define-key my-mode-map [f1] 'ibuffer)

;; «rcirc» (to ".rcirc")
;; (find-angg ".emacs" "rcirc")
(defun rcirc-defs () (interactive)
  (require 'rcirc)
  ;; See: (find-node "(rcirc)Channels" "mode line")
  (rcirc-track-minor-mode 1)
  (global-set-key      [f2] 'rcirc-next-active-buffer)
  (setq rcirc-read-only-flag nil)
  (setq rcirc-time-format "")
  (setq                      rcirc-prompt "(%n) ")
  (set-face-foreground      'rcirc-prompt "sienna")
  (make-face                'rcirc-mode-line-nick)
  (set-face-bold-p          'rcirc-mode-line-nick nil)
  (set-face-foreground      'rcirc-mode-line-nick "sienna")
  (make-face                'rcirc-track-nick)
  (set-face-inverse-video-p 'rcirc-track-nick nil)
  (set-face-foreground      'rcirc-track-nick "sienna")
  (make-face                'rcirc-nick-in-message-full-line)
  (set-face-bold-p          'rcirc-nick-in-message-full-line nil)
  (setq                      rcirc-scroll-show-maximum-output nil)
  (define-key rcirc-mode-map (kbd "C-x C-s") 'save-buffer-keep-buffer-name)

;; M-66j connects to freenode (in the other window)
;; M-6j  switches to #eev (in this window)
;; <f2>  switches to the next channel with activity
(defun eejump-66 () (progn (rcirc-defs) (find-2a nil '(find-freenode))))
(defun eejump-6  () (find-freenode "#eev"))

(defun save-buffer-keep-buffer-name (&rest args)
  "Like save-buffer, but doesn't changes the buffer name or the major mode."
  (interactive "p")
  (let ((bname (buffer-name))
	(change-major-mode-with-file-name nil))
    (save-excursion (apply 'save-buffer args))
    (rename-buffer bname)))

;; Things to add:
;; * (eepitch-shell)
;; * (eepitch-kill)
;; * (eepitch-shell)
;; sudo bash
;; apt-get install emacs23-common-non-dfsg
;; #
;; # Now `find-enode' should work. Try:
;; # (find-emacs-intro "find-enode")
;; apt-get install mplayer2 latex xpdf
;; apt-get install openssh-server
;; # (find-debpkg-links "youtube-dl")
;; cd /tmp/
;; #    http://ftp.debian.org/debian/pool/main/y/youtube-dl/
;; wget http://ftp.debian.org/debian/pool/main/y/youtube-dl/youtube-dl_2013.08.17-1_all.deb
;; sudo dpkg -i youtube-dl_2013.08.17-1_all.deb

;; «git» (to ".git")
;; find-gitk
(defun find-gitk (path) (ee-at0 path '(find-bgprocess "gitk")))
;; (find-gitk "~/eev-current/")
;; (find-gitk "/tmp/")

;; «eevvideos» (to ".eevvideos")
;; Hyperlinks to videos about eev.
;; See: (find-videos-intro)
;;      (find-videos-intro "Long story short")
;; (find-eev-video-links "eepitchvideo" "video4-eepitch" "Lj_zKC5BR64")
;; (find-eev-video-links "eevvideo"     "video2"         "doeyn5MOaB8")
;; (find-eev-video-links "eevvideopt"   "video2pt"       "yztYD9Y7Iz4")
(code-video "eepitchvideo" "$S/http/angg.twu.net/eev-videos/video4-eepitch.mp4")
(code-video "eevvideo"     "$S/http/angg.twu.net/eev-videos/video2.mp4")
(code-video "eevvideopt"   "$S/http/angg.twu.net/eev-videos/video2pt.mp4")
;; (find-eepitchvideo)
;; (find-eevvideo)
;; (find-eevvideopt)
;; (find-ebuffer "*Messages*")

;; «tramp» (to ".tramp")
;; (find-node "(tramp)Remote processes" "/sudo::")
;; (setenv "ASROOT" "/sudo::")
;; (code-c-d "asroot" "/sudo::")
(setenv   "ASROOT" "/sudo:root@localhost:")
(code-c-d "asroot" "/sudo:root@localhost:")
;; (find-asrootfile "/var/log/")
;; (find-asrootfile "/var/log/" "auth.log")
;; (find-fline "/sudo::/")
;; (find-fline "/sudo:root@localhost:/")

;; «find-sudoers-links» (to ".find-sudoers-links")
(defun find-sudoers-links (&optional users &rest pos-spec-list)
"Generate a temporary buffer with an e-script to set up passwordless sudo."
  (setq users (or users "{users}"))
  (apply 'find-elinks
   `((find-sudoers-links ,users)
     (find-sudoers-links ,(user-login-name))
     (find-sudoers-links ,(format "%s, edrx" (user-login-name)))
     ;; Convention: the first sexp always regenerates the buffer.
     ;; (find-efunction 'find-sudoers-links)
     (find-sh0 "sudo echo test")
     (ee-copy-rest 2 '(find-fline "$ASROOT/etc/sudoers"))
     (find-wset "o_o" '(toggle-read-only))
     ,(ee-template0 "
# (find-es \"sudo\")
User_Alias FULLTIMERS = {users}

;; Test: (find-sudoers-links)

;; «find-aptsources-links» (to ".find-aptsources-links")
(defun find-aptsources-links (&optional  &rest pos-spec-list)
"Visit a temporary buffer containing hyperlinks for foo."
  (apply 'find-elinks
     ;; Convention: the first sexp always regenerates the buffer.
     ;; (find-efunction 'find-aptsources-links)
     (ee-copy-rest 0 '(find-fline "$ASROOT/etc/apt/sources.list"))
     ,(ee-template0 "\
deb     http://ftp.debian.org/debian/ wheezy main contrib non-free
deb-src http://ftp.debian.org/debian/ wheezy main contrib non-free

;; Test: (find-aptsources-links)

;; Local Variables:
;; mode: emacs-lisp
;; coding: raw-text-unix
;; End: