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This is the file `TODO' of dednat4.
Author:     Eduardo Ochs <eduardoochs@gmail.com>
Maintainer: Eduardo Ochs <eduardoochs@gmail.com>
Version:    2008jul12
This file is in the Public Domain.
See: http://angg.twu.net/dednat4.html

To do:

Support "\node" and "\arrow" in diagxy as an alternative to
"\morphism". See sections 4.1 and 4.8 of:

Support non-unibyte encodings. This may be just a matter of changing

Add support for Sam Buss's "bussproofs.sty".
See: http://www.phil.cam.ac.uk/teaching_staff/Smith/LaTeX/nd.html

Add support for \kern nodes in ptproofs.
See: http://www.ctan.org/get/macros/generic/proofs/taylor/prooftree-doc.pdf

Allow "invisible bars" in trees, in two forms: "hypotheses on top of
the conclusion" and "hypotheses on top of the name of the derivation,
on top of the conclusion":

  P        \phi
  Q   and    Q  .

Implement better error messages and tracebacks.

Add more examples (fibrations, comprehension categories, something
with curved arrows...) to eedemo2.tex.

Explain the three styles of referring to nodes: "a b |->", "@ 0 @ 1
|->", and "a .tex= aaa b .tex= bbb ... a b |->".

Explain the trick of defining "`" as "\ignore" in the abbrevs,
defining "\def\ignore#1{}", and using "`0", "`1", "`a", "`b"... in
node names as a way to distinguishing nodes that would otherwise have
the same names.

Report to Michael Barr:

  If we wrap a "\morphism" or an "\arrow" in {}s it sometimes moves a
  bit, and the mechanism that calculates the size of a diagram becomes
  confused. That was what forced me to push and pop "color specials"
  directly in eedemo2.tex instead of using \color.

  If we wrap a diagram in "\left(" and "\right)" it gets too much
  space at the left - like this:

    /  a\
    |  -|
    |  ||
    |  v|
    \  b/

Automate the way to build source tarballs for TeX files that use
dednat4 to produce .dnt files.

Implement a way to "forget" - from a TeX file - all the trees and
diagrams that have been defined up to that point, to free TeX's
memory. Some data structures and \defs for that already exist:

  (find-dn4 "dednat4.lua" "undefs")
  (find-dn4exfile "edrxdnt.tex")

Update <http://angg.twu.net/dednat4.html>.

Produce a version in TeX of the documentation.

Implement commands for loops (section 4.7 in the diagxy manual).

Implement commands for arrows that are composed of several segments
(like in section 4.6 of the diagxy manual - I don't understand the
xypic code there).

Implement commands for two-cells.

(Long-term:) support rectangles and other figures, as in Seely's
diagrams - e.g., in

Transfer more functions from my .emacs to dednat4.el; make dednat4.el
work on systems that only have Emacs and eev installed (not my .emacs).
NOTE: at this moment dednat4.el doesn't work at all!

Devise a way to include the html files from
<http://angg.twu.net/dednat4/> in the tarball. As things are now, if I
include them most of their links will be broken, so they have to be
browsed online.

Include some diagrams for the Beck-Chevalley condition in the
  (find-angg "LATEX/2008bcc.tex" "bcc-categorically")
  (find-angg "LATEX/2008bcc.tex" "bcc-hyperdoctrine")