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(Re)generate: (find-emacs-keys-intro)
Source code:  (find-efunction 'find-emacs-keys-intro)
More intros:  (find-eev-quick-intro)
This buffer is _temporary_ and _editable_.
Is is meant as both a tutorial and a sandbox.

1. Basic keys (eev)
The most basic keys of eev are:
  M-e   - to follow a hyperlink.  Mnemonic: "(e)valuate"/"(e)xecute".
          See: (find-eev-quick-intro "2. Evaluating Lisp")
               (find-eev-quick-intro "3. Elisp hyperlinks")
  M-k   - to go back.  Mnemonic: "(k)ill buffer".
          See: (find-eev-quick-intro "3. Elisp hyperlinks" "M-k")
  M-j   - to jump to certain predefined places - in particular,
              `M-j' takes you to the list of jump targets.
          `M-2 M-j' takes you to this help page.
          `M-5 M-j' takes you to: (find-eev-quick-intro)

2. Key sequences and how to abort them
See: (find-enode "Keys" "key sequence")
     (find-enode "User Input" "`Control-a'" "usually written `C-a'")
     (find-enode "User Input" "<META> key")
     (find-enode "Completion" "<TAB>")

<ESC> <ESC> <ESC>                (find-enode "Quitting")
C-g   keyboard-quit              (find-enode "Quitting" "`C-g'")
M-x   execute-extended-command   (find-enode "M-x" "Running Commands by Name")

More about the minibuffer:       (find-enode "Minibuffer")
More about TAB - for completion: (find-enode "Completion")
                for indentation: (find-enode "Indentation")
           in programming modes: (find-enode "Basic Indent")
More about modes:                (find-enode "Major Modes")
                                 (find-enode "Minor Modes")
                                 (find-enode "Dired")

3. Cutting & pasting
The "region" where cut & copy operate is always what is between
the "point" and the "mark":

  (find-enode "Point")
  (find-enode "Mark")

You can do cut, copy and paste by using the icons in the toolbar
or by using the menu bar (the relevant options are under
"Edit"), but the keys are worth learning:

  C-SPC   -- set-mark-command           (find-enode "Setting Mark")
  C-x C-x -- exchange-point-and-mark    (find-enode "Setting Mark" "C-x C-x")
  C-w     -- kill-region     (cut)      (find-enode "Other Kill Commands")
  M-w     -- kill-ring-save  (copy)     (find-enode "Kill Ring")
  C-y     -- yank            (paste)    (find-enode "Kill Ring")

See: (find-enode "Tool Bars")
     (find-enode "Menu Bar")

4. Moving point
C-a     -- beginning-of-line            (find-enode "Moving Point")
C-e     -- end-of-line                  (find-enode "Moving Point")
M-<     -- beginning-of-buffer          (find-enode "Moving Point")
M->     -- end-of-buffer                (find-enode "Moving Point")

5. Undoing
C-/    -- undo    (find-enode "Basic Undo")
C-_    -- undo    (find-enode "Basic Undo")
                  (find-enode "Undo")

6. Windows
See: (find-enode "Windows")
     (find-enode "Frames")

C-x o   -- other-window                          (find-enode "Other Window")
C-x 0   -- delete-window                         (find-enode "Change Window")
C-x 1   -- delete-other-windows     ("1 window") (find-enode "Change Window")
C-x 2   -- split-window-vertically (Above/Below) (find-enode "Split Window")
C-x 3   -- split-window-horizontally       (L|R) (find-enode "Split Window")

7. Files and buffers
C-x C-f -- find-file                    (find-enode "Visiting")
C-x C-s -- save-buffer                  (find-enode "Saving")
C-x C-c -- save-buffers-kill-emacs      (find-enode "Saving")
C-x b   -- switch-to-buffer             (find-enode "Select Buffer")
C-x k   -- kill-buffer                  (find-enode "Kill Buffer")
                                        (find-enode "Dired")

8. Search and replace
C-s     -- isearch-forward              (find-enode "Incremental Search")
C-r     -- isearch-backward             (find-enode "Incremental Search")
M-C-s   -- isearch-forward-regexp       (find-enode "Regexp Search")
M-C-r   -- isearch-backward-regexp      (find-enode "Regexp Search")
M-%     -- query-replace                (find-enode "Replace")

9. Macros
C-x (   -- start-kbd-macro              (find-enode "Keyboard Macros")
C-x )   -- end-kbd-macro                (find-enode "Keyboard Macros")
C-x e   -- call-last-kbd-macro          (find-enode "Keyboard Macros")

10. Other keys (Emacs)
M-q                  -- fill-paragraph       (find-enode "Fill Commands")
C-x r <SPC> <char>   -- point-to-register    (find-enode "Position Registers")
C-x r j <char>       -- jump-to-register     (find-enode "Position Registers")

11. Other keys (eev)
M-h M-h   -- find-here-links            (find-eev-quick-intro "`M-h M-h'")
F8        -- eepitch-this-line          (find-eev-quick-intro "what <F8> does")
M-T       -- eewrap-eepitch             (find-eev-quick-intro "`M-T'")
M-F       -- eewrap-find-fline          (find-eev-quick-intro "`M-F'")
M-M       -- eewrap-man                 (find-eev-quick-intro "`M-M'")
M-S       -- eewrap-sh                  (find-eev-quick-intro "`M-S'")
M-A       -- eewrap-anchor              (find-eev-quick-intro "`M-A'")
M-B       -- eewrap-escript-block       (find-eev-quick-intro "`M-B'")