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Google Tech talk by Carsten Dominik (2008)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJTwQvgfgMM Emacs Org-mode - a system for note-taking and project planning
(find-youtubedl-links "/sda5/videos/" "Emacs_Org-mode_-_a_system_for_note-taking_and_project_planning" "oJTwQvgfgMM" ".flv" "carsten2008")
                     (ee-youtubedl-hash-to-fname "oJTwQvgfgMM")
(setq ee-carsten2008 (ee-youtubedl-hash-to-fname "oJTwQvgfgMM"))
(code-mplayer "carsten2008" ee-carsten2008)
(find-carsten2008 "0:00")

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1:20 Carsten Start
1:50 History
2:15 Working with Text Files
3:58 Notes (not tasks) based project planning
5:50 Outline mode - fixing
9:56 Structure Editing
11:00 Note taking other supports
13:35 Meta data Intro
14:57 tags
15:26 Timeplanning
15:53 Properties
16:02 Meta data propagation
16:49 Special Meta entry interfaces
17:55 DateTime interface
18:24 Column view
19:20 Capture with remember
23:02 Collect and Display
23:52 Sparse tree
25:47 Agenda view
27:27 Exporting and publishing
29:05 Tables
31:34 Calc
32:44 Radio tables
34:53 Context sensitive keys
38:13 How is org used
40:55 Evolved Software software