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More intros:  (find-eev-quick-intro)
This buffer is _temporary_ and _editable_.
It is meant as both a tutorial and a sandbox.

Eev does some things similar to Org, but using a different
approach and different design principles. This sandboxed tutorial
is a _first attempt_ to show to Org users how to use Org and eev
at the same time, in the same files (or buffers).

Note: I wrote this after giving a presentation about eev in the
EmacsConf 2019 and getting some help from Org users there (mainly
Amin Bandali). Link:


1. Preparation

Run these sexps: (code-c-d "org" (ee-locate-library "org.el") "org" :gz) (require 'org) (require 'ob-sh) ;; or: (require 'ob-shell) (require 'ob-python)

2. Toggling org-mode on and off

Use these sexps, (org-mode) (fundamental-mode) or `M-x org-mode' and `M-x fundamental-mode'.

3. Comment blocks

If you are using an org file that is meant for exporting you can mark as comments the more eev-ish parts in it, like this... # (find-orgnode "Comment lines") # (find-orgnode "Exporting") #+BEGIN_COMMENT # Run the eepitch block below to download a copy of my messy # notes on org. See: # (find-eev-quick-intro "6. Controlling shell-like programs") * (eepitch-shell) * (eepitch-kill) * (eepitch-shell) cd /tmp/ rm -fv org.e wget http://anggtwu.net/e/org.e #+END_COMMENT

4. Running code from my org.e

The code in comments in the previous section downloads a local copy of my executable notes (i.e., my "e-scripts") on Org. Run it, and compare: # http://anggtwu.net/e/org.e.html#git # (find-anchor "/tmp/org.e" "git") The URL above points to my notes on downloading Org from git and compiling its docs. The sexp hyperlinks below it lets you execute these notes.

5. Evaluating source blocks

You can execute a source block in Org and display its results with `C-c C-c'. See: # (find-orgnode "Working with source code") # (find-orgnode "Evaluating code blocks") # (find-orgnode "Evaluating code blocks" ":results output") # (find-orgnode "Results of evaluation" ":results output") # (find-orgnode "results" "output") Try it here: #+BEGIN_SRC sh :results output seq 200 204 #+END_SRC Compare that with: # (find-sh "seq 200 204") and compare #+BEGIN_SRC python :results output def square (x): return x*x print(square(5)) #+END_SRC with: #+BEGIN_COMMENT * (eepitch-python) * (eepitch-kill) * (eepitch-python) def square (x): return x*x print(square(5)) #+END_COMMENT

5. Sectioning

Not yet! How do I mark a section as "don't export this"? (find-orgnode "Headlines") (find-orgnode "Global and local cycling") (find-efunctiondescr 'org-mode "TAB" "org-cycle") (find-efunctiondescr 'org-shifttab)