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More intros:  (find-eev-quick-intro)
This buffer is _temporary_ and _editable_.
Is is meant as both a tutorial and a sandbox.

The "quick introduction to eev" in


describes a way to install eev for tests that does not make any
permanent changes in your HD - everything gets installed in the
/tmp/ directory, that is cleared at every boot. Here we describe
several ways to install eev in other, more permanent, places.

1. Running `(find-eev-install-links)'
The shell commands in

  (find-eev-quick-intro "1. Installing eev")

can be obtained by running 


with these arguments:

  (find-eev-install-links "/tmp/eev2/" "/tmp/eev")

Note that `(find-eev-install-links)' is somehow similar to this,

  (find-eev-quick-intro "7.3. `find-latex-links'")

and follows most of the same conventions.

If you want to install eev in a more permanent place the default
way is to run `(find-eev-install-links)' with these arguments,

  (find-eev-install-links "~/eev2/" "~/eev" "#")

and execute its eepitch block.

2. Changing your .emacs
To be written. See:

  (find-eev-install-links "~/eev2/" "~/eev" "#")
  (find-eev-install-links "~/eev2/" "~/eev" "#" 2 ".emacs")
  (find-elnode "Init File")
  (find-elnode "Init Examples")

3. Using the git repository
Eev has a git repository at:


All recent changes are being made at the "UTF-8" branch and I
haven't learned yet how to make the master branch point to
UTF-8... so if you clone the repository you'll have to do a
"checkout UTF-8" the go to the most recent version.

Try this:

* (eepitch-shell)
* (eepitch-kill)
* (eepitch-shell)
rm -Rfv /tmp/eev2
mkdir   /tmp/eev2/
cd      /tmp/eev2/ && git clone https://github.com/edrx/eev.git .
cd      /tmp/eev2/
git checkout UTF-8
# (find-gitk "/tmp/eev2/")
  echo '#!/bin/sh'
  echo 'cd /tmp/eev2/ && emacs -l eev-readme.el --eval="(find-eev-quick-intro)"'
} > /tmp/eev
chmod 755 /tmp/eev

and run the script in /tmp/eev if you want to.

Note the "cd ... && git clone URL .". This is needed because if
we don't specify a directory after the URL in "git clone" then
git will create a directory /tmp/eev/, and that would be
incompatible with our convention of creating a script called
"eev" ("/tmp/eev" in this case).

4. Eev as an ELPA package
I started to make an Emacs "package" for eev but I did not go
very far. See:

  (find-enode    "Packages")
  (find-elnode   "Packaging")
  (find-efaqnode "Packages that do not come with Emacs")

Help would be greatly appreciated!