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I'm Brazilian, but I think that Brazilian music needs to be euthanized! It has become incredibly false and superficial, and as the roots for that can be traced back in time I came to hate most of our usually-considered-to-be-glorious musical past... Here are the groups, people and albums that I respect:

Cansei de Ser Sexy
Itamar Assumpção & Banda Isca de Polícia: "Beleléu"
Luís Capucho
Mulheres Negras
Nau / Vange Leonel
Olho Seco: "Botas, Fuzis, Capacetes"
Secos & Molhados (first two albums)
Sex Beatles
Zé Ketti (his first album - what is its name?)
Zé Ramalho

Besides that an obscure 80's band called Harry (from Santos) released a song called "Caos (Demo)" in their first EP (in vynil, in 1987 - a 45RPM 12"), that was possibly the best song of all the 1980s. Harry became an electronic band afterwards, and as far as I know they never released that song in CD - they ignored it in their compilation.

We had at least two incredible pianists: Guiomar Novaes and Cordélia Canabrava Arruda. GN's recordings are hard to find, and Cordélia was the first person to record Erik Satie's complete works. I haven't listened to Cordélia's records in ages - I used to have her "Volume 5" in vynil, but I don't have how to play it anymore, and I was never able to get hold of a copy of the CD version of her Satie's Complete Works.

Some of my favorite albums:
(20/5) The Stooges: Funhouse
(16/5) Medicine: Her Highness
(16/5) David Bowie: Low
(12/5) The Jesus & Mary Chain: Psychocandy
(12/5) Secos & Molhados: Secos & Molhados (1973)
 (9/5) Bauhaus: In the Flat Field (vynil)
 (9/5) Dinosaur Jr.: Just Like Heaven EP (vynil)
 (9/5) Patti Smith: Horses
 (8/5) Neil Young: Rock in Rio 2001 (bootleg)
 (8/5) Velvet Underground: White Light/White Heat
 (8/5) Glenn Gould: The Goldberg Variations (1981 version)
 (8/5) Wilhelm Furtwangler: Bruckner's 9th Symphony
 (7/5) Young Marble Giants: Colossal Youth
 (7/5) Hugo Largo: Drum
 (6/5) Linton Kwesi Johnson: Dread Beat & Blood
 (6/5) Rolling Stones: Sticky Fingers
 (6/5) Au Pairs: Playing With a Different Sex

My ranking assumes a maximum of 5 stars, but some albums
deserve more than that - they are listed above.
We have forgotten all the wars the ancient Egyptians took part,
and after thousands of years they are remembered by their monuments,
their writing and their art. "Funhouse" is as big as the pyramids.
Some of my favorite covers:
  Antony & the Johnsons: Candy Says
  Bauhaus: Waiting for the man / Ziggy Stardust (vynil)
  Cat Power: Wonderwall / I found a reason
  Dinosaur Jr.: Just Like Heaven (vynil)
  Fellies: Paint it Black
  Hugo Largo: Fancy
  Loop: Cinnamon Girl
  Low: Transmission
  Marilyn Manson: Sweet Dreams, Rock'n'Roll Nigger
  Patti Smith: Hey Joe
  Slits: Grapevine / Man Next Door
  Stereolab: Bonnie and Clyde
  Them: I Can Only Give You Everything

Homages and Semi-covers:
  Elastica: Only Human / A Love Like Ours (Radio One Sessions)
  Jesus and Mary Chain: Reverence (Jim and William Reid mix)
  Les Rita Mitsouko: Tonight
  Psychic TV: I.C. Water
  Stereolab: Enivrez-vous
  Grace Jones: I've seen that face before
(Other great stuff: Kristi Stassinopoulou, Troggs, Wire (Read and
Burn), Slits, Idiot, Nau, Pink Industry, Portishead (Machine Gun),
Ride (Nowhere), Galaxie 500 (Copenhagen)...)

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